Stop partisan and dictatorial administration, implement peaceful and inclusive democratic election in Ethiopia

Editorial Ethiopia

(By Mekete Tigray UK Editorial, 22 November 2020) –

Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed was elected by EPRDF not by the Ethiopian people. He has been exceeding his mandate beyond reforming the EPRDF governing party and leading an orderly transition to democratic election. He has failed live up to his early promises and Medemer philosophy. He has also failed to uphold the constitutional and political order from the day of starting in office.

The people of Tigray initially supported Abiy Ahmed with open arms hoping that he will bring about tangible reforms to all Ethiopians. Abiy’s popularity in the eyes of Tigrayans short lived and their hope for progressive democracy was shuttered when Abiy Ahmed has allowed the road to Tigray to be blocked in Weldiya town by Amhara anarchists.

Abiy’s administration is failing to protect citizens and uphold the rule of law. Abiy is unleashing mass arrest of opposition parties and regional government employees in Oromia, Amhara, Walayta, Benishangul-Gumuz and now sealing the entire Tigray region of over 6 million people and waging war that no one can report the Prime Minister and the President of Eritrea atrocities committed in Tigray.

In contrast, he is unleashing a wave of repression, margination of ethnic groups by tearing up Ethiopian Constitution and by locking up his political opponents and those, he once freed. Prime Minister Abiy’s antagonistic constitutional and political order has been contributing to amplify Amhara nationalism and costing many lives in Oromia, Amhara, Somali, Walayta, Sidama and Benishangul-Gumuz.

The people of Tigray and other ethnic groups including Oromo opposition parties want autonomous self-rule and federal system. Conversely, Abiy government is opposing to self-rule within the federal system of government. Why are Abiy Ahmed and Amhara elites opposing to autonomous self-rule within the federal system of government?

Democracy is all about self-determination and freedom to decide own affairs where the power is shared between the central government and regional state governments. It seems that Abiy Ahmed and Amhara elites do not want to share the power with regional states so that they do not want ethnic groups to peacefully coexistence within united Ethiopia. But they thoughtlessly want to unitary government as it was during Haile Selassie and the Derg by abolishing self-determination and federalism.


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