Support the people of Tigray, defenceless ethnic groups and Eritrean refugees in Ethiopia

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(By Mekete Tigray UK, 22 November 2020) –

Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed is deploying every tool on his diposal to deprive the people of Tigray economic development and destroy their existence.

  • He has blocked foreign investors from travelling to Tigray.
  • He has excluded Tigray from receiving Covid-19 masks which were distributed to all schools throughout country;
  • He blocked vital equipment supplies intended to Tigray to fight against the desert locust.
  • He has refused to spray to protect the locust swarms. As a result, the desert locust swarms have devastated hundreds and thousands of acres of crops.
  • He has withheld federal monetary budget and denied various support programmes provided to Tigray by International development partners. Over a million people in Tigray rely on humanitarian assistants that are provided by aid agencies. Now, Abiy government is closing all roads to the entire Tigray state so aid agencies could not reach the most in needs of food Aids.  
  • He has shut down all communications and banks to chock the people of Tigray not to conduct their legitimate business by denying them access to the banking system.
  • He has closed all roads to the entire Tigray state so food supplies and aid agencies could not reach the most vulnerable people.
  •  He wage war on the people of Tigray and Abiy’s war may result in “more than half a million refugees fleeing from Ethiopia” and entered into Sudan as reported by UNHCR in Sudan on Twitter on 12/11/2020. According to UNHCR, over 41,000 refugees already fled into Sudan. Peace loving countries must pressurise Abiy Ahmed to stop the war and besiege against the people of Tigray which is already creating humanitarian crises and sufferings massively.
  • The Ethiopian National Defence Foreces (ENDF) attaked the Eritrean refugee camp in Adi Harush.
  • He is arresting, harassing and intimidating ordinary Tigrayans in a massive scale, confiscating their money and removing them from government jobs because of their ethnicity in Addis Ababa, Oromo and Amhara region.

The people of Tigray need an urgent support from the international community, the UN, the European Union, African Union, the UK and USA Governments to send a clear and unambiguous message to Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed that he and his backer Predident Isais Afeworki must stop the war; release political prisoners, and facilitate a peaceful political dialogue amongst all political parties to resolve political differences and form a responsible transitional administration.


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