The Crisis in Ethiopia – A Matter of International Concern


( People and organisations across the world have expressed grave concerns about the actions of the Federal Government of Ethiopia, which has embarked on a military campaign against the Government of the Regional National State of Tigray, one of ten regional states in Ethiopia, led by the Tigray Peoples Liberation Front (TPLF). The African Union, the UN and many others have called for a ceasefire, following reports that hundreds have been killed in fighting and some 30,000 people have been forced to flee as refugees to the neighbouring country of Sudan.

The growing conflict has led to particular concerns because the Federal Government is preventing access to Tigray and appears to have suspended phone, internet and power in the region, although it claims that the this has been undertaken by the TPLF. Both sides have accused the other of attacks on civilians, but there have also been reports that the Federal Government is arresting and persecuting those of Tigrayan nationality throughout Ethiopia. The Federal Government has also issued arrest warrants for many of the leaders of Tigray and the TPLF.

Although the Federal Government is evidently waging its attacks with air and land forces, there have also been some reports that other countries, including Eritrea and the UAE, are assisting its assault by supplying troops, as well as carrying out missile and drone attacks. The TPLF has also fired missiles, which it claims are in self-defence, some of which have reportedly hit targets in Eritrea. The growing conflict therefore has the potential to envelope neighbouring counties and to destabilise the entire region. The speed and manner in which the conflict has unfolded pose many questions, not least why in the 21st century it is necessary for any government, let alone one headed by the recipient of a Nobel Peace prize, to declare war on those in its own country? Continue Reading


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