Tigray Genocide

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Dear Spectator,

I am writing to you about the horrendous situation in Tigray region of Ethiopia.

The current man in charge who is called Abiy Ahmed Ali, is actually legally no longer the Prime Minister. He inherited the position from Hailemariam who handed over shortly after being elected.

The current media are calling him PM but this is wrong. His actual mandate to govern the country expired at the beginning of October 2020. This is a constitutional fact (Constitution of the Federal Democratic Republic of Ethiopia). He is an official dictator now.

The governments of Ethiopia and Eritrea are bent committing genocide on this region as they present the main threat to dictatorship in the region. The region has held back the invaders for three weeks now and are eliminating division after division with a huge toll on life and particularly the civilian population who are being killed indiscriminately across the parts of the country that are not being defended. There is an information blackout going on in order to cover up all these crimes. No aid workers or observers are permitted to the region. The reports received buy the Tigray diaspora in the UK are utterly heart breaking. These maniacs are running out of soldiers and we hear that conscripts are being rounded up and used now. This war must stop.

I have attached a briefing for information. It is well written and quite balanced. This is not a case of “a pox on both your houses”. This is outright genocide and all in the name of eliminating the best leadership Ethiopia has seen in modern times. A leadership while not perfect was internationally respected and which valued stability. This was an African leadership which was trying to promote African self-determination and to make Ethiopia energy independent with the renaissance dam. Now they are holed up in the mountains of Tigray. One must conclude that the great powers are complicit in this in their greed over Africa. Africans will not – cannot – be allowed to have dignity.

Abiy Ahmed Ali who is a member of the Prosperity evangelical church, has no authority to be doing this and is acting ultra vires. He is drawing in “help” from Arab countries and surrounding Eritrea and now rumours that Somalia is sending troops. All these countries ganging up on a people who are among the poorest on earth in a region the size of Scotland. This is completely unnecessary.

This is completely disgusting and stomach wrenching.

We have to pull the plug on this maniac and turn off the Swift international banking mechanism to Ethiopia and those assisting in this Genocide. We then need to organise humanitarian responses. Some air strikes might also stop the war……. this is fast becoming worse than Rwanda and we vowed to never let that happen again as an international community……

Please help to raise awareness of this situation in the name of humanity.


Andrew, UK

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