Writings on the wall… Genocide & Exodus!


(By Zerai Deres, 26 November 2020)

Let me use tried words, but to excuse myself I say: one more use of such words would not harm, as it would not make any difference repeating the words: here we go: “one who feint sleep would not wake up when prodded.”

Genocide and Exodus are not new human tragedies surfacing on the earth.  The Israelites, the Tutsi, the Kosovo and Rohingya know it all. And what did the world do to prevent? It gave a deaf ear and blind eyes until it was too late to come up with self-serving lip services of condemnations; after avoidable damages were inflicted.

As we speaking Genocide and Exodus are perpetrated in a massive scale on Tigraians by unelected dictators: Abiy Ahmed, Isaias Afeworki and UAE. 

Hundreds of thousands are hacked to death and those who were/are lucky fleeing for their lives to neighbouring Sudan with only the clothes on the backs.

If the Israelites, the Tutsis were not rescued in the past, we expected those who hold the responsible offices in charge will not rescue the Tigraians now.

But the cruel thing is this: the very same offices in charge, with their foot-soldier media, are out in force to distort and tell lies making the stations grave for the victims of the genocide.

Follow me and I will tell you why?

Abiy Ahmed was awarded the 2019 Nobel Prize for promoting peace and democratisation in Ethiopia.

That said however, Abiy Ahmed has repeatedly rejected calls to sit down and negotiate with Tigrai Government, for which they were and still are eager to accept, by United Nations, African Union and others, (evidence links are attached below).

Then one would ask: Why did the Nobel Prize Committee award the prize, to a dictator, who would not accept and welcome peace gestures by others, let alone he himself is keen to initiate a peace process, he had been praised for when in fact, the Nobel Committee  was aware, he was not?

Why did Amnesty International publicise that the Tigray ‘Rebels’, committed genocide against the MaiKadra dwellers? When the truth is different, Amnesty International did not want to tell to the world using their disreputable records.

For start, it appears Amenity International does not have any regards for the people of Tigrai and the rule of law. 

Why did it use the word ‘Rebels’ when the party, TPLF, is popularly elected organ to office by the people and mandated to govern?

One is in office for 30 years and one is still labeled as a rebel! What message does Amnesty International want to world to perceive?

Likewise, Amnesty International did not have its members on ground to ascertain facts. It only used the Ethiopian government Human Right Watch, which is a puppet in Abiy Ahmed pocket.

When tens of thousands of Tigraians fled, walking for ten days to cross the border to the Sudan with no food and clothing amenities to spare, blood oozing from their wounds, inflicted by Amhara marauding and murder gangsters called FANO and Salgoj/ሳልጎች, Amnesty International was nowhere to be seen. Nevertheless, has the audacity to come up with false and incriminating report.

Fact: the armchair do-good nothing Amnesty International officials fail to notice, the Tigraian self-defence forces has never ventured from the Tigrai national region to the Amhara region to commit a crime.

MaiKadra is within the Tigrai region and for the last 30 years the very same people, be it Tigraian, Amhara or any other ethnic groups, lived in harmony, in peace and safety ensured by its government.

Following the invasion by the Abiy Ahmed, and the Amhara expansionists, the Tigraian self-defence forces captured, officially publicised, ten thousand invading soldiers and Amhara militias. 

If only killing is preferred, the Tigraian forces could have inflicted on these evil soldiers. But it did not happened. Lately, the Tigraian members of the Ethiopian National Defence Forces (ENDF) who were disarmed from the United Nation peacekeeping mission by Abiy Ahmed, to secure their safety from the Amhara butchers who would not spare to massacre them and turn to blame the Tigraians for the crime they could have perpetrated on their own knees to score a political gains.

Tigraians are persecuted throughout Ethiopia for no other crime expect for being who they are – Tigraians. As the reports from the United Nations Peacekeeping Force indicates Tigraians are handpicked, removed, arrested and possibly killed upon summoned home. What more evidence does the world would want to know and see, if this is not ethnic cleansing and genocide?

Furthermore, the Army Chief of Staff General Berhanu Jula, throttle-bottom, Aba Dula and many countless others were war prisoners at the hand of TPLF some 30 past; yet they were humanity taken care of and allowed to integrate with the society they hurt, giving them a second chance to lead their lives in peace; and yet an old dog never learns a new trick; they turned back waging war once again.

The pariah, Isaias Afeworki, has caused incalculable damage to the Eritrean people; forget the neighbouring countries for the last 30 years. Now he has done it again; his army has crossed international borders and waged war against Tigraians in connection with Abiy Ahmed’s forces.

Why is the world silent to mention this naked aggression by a known lunatic but only wave a cry foul flag that the Tigrai has fired a missile at the Eritrean Airport, which is used as landing and take off facility, for by Abiy Ahmed’s military forces?

And who started the war and why?

Two plane load of elite paratroopers landed at Alula Aba Nega, Mekelle International Airport with intentions to assassinate the leadership of Tigrai state on 05/11/2020.

The plot, once the leadership was eliminated, sleeping cells controlling the Northern Command, with the support of forces waiting stand by in and around the Tigrai region with the direct participation of the Eritrean military forces.

What happened next was a shock for the illegitimate Ethiopian group in power and Dictator Isaias Afeworki that the plot miserably failed.

The paratroopers on mission were effectively dealt with and following that the Tigrai Government took over the Northern Command that was operating in cahoots with the paratroopers.

Now, would not take such a step when a plot to destroy Tigrai was hatched and executed.

Tigrai did not start the war. The group in power did with the support of foreign forces (Isaias Afeworki and UAE Government).

Why did the war start? Well, Tigrai elected its regional government on 05/9/2020 in accordance to the constitution and rule of law.

The group running the federal government refused to submit them themselves to the due required election to secure public consent.

The excuse given was because of Covd-19. An excuse that did not hold water, as Tigrai and many other countries in the world did carry elections given the predicaments.

When the excuse not to carry out an election run out of steam and exposed the group bear naked, Abiy Ahmed decided to wage war to deflect the public attentions. It was not only to deflect attentions but the power to impose emergency law to arrest and kill opposition forces with the intention of emerging sole power tool as to continue dictating the destiny of the country.




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