Eritrean refugees “forcibly conscripted from UN camps to fight in Mekelle”

Eritrea Tigray
(Source: Mai Ayni: The camp (home to 21,682 residents according to UNHCR) is calm now, having been the scene of fighting earlier in the week. They were visited by a humanitarian agency (not identified) who attempted to re-assure the residents. The camps still have no certainty that they will be re-supplied at the end of this month.
There is no news at all from two of the other camps – Shimelba (8,702 residents) or Hitsats (25,248).
An Eritrean mother in the Eritrean town of Dekemhare (40 km South-East of the Eritrean capital, Asmara) saw her son on one of three busses that were being driven northwards. She recognised him and said that he had previously been in Shimelba camp, as a refugee.
There are unconfirmed reports of Eritrean refugees being forcibly enlisted from the camps, to participate in the attack on Mekelle. Many of the younger refugees would have had military training before they fled across the Eritrean border into Ethiopia. Continue Reading

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