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(By T K, 29 November 2020)

How is it possible the world powers to be, the United Nations, EU, African Union and reputable humanitarian organizations fail to see through. When their pleading with Prime Minster Abiy Ahmed to seat down to negotiate with his adversaries, who have legitimate concerns and constitutional rights, is bluntly and instantly refused to heed to their pleas, oblivious that they approved his award with laudatory accolade as a peace maker in the eyes of the world. In fact this Prime Minister does not even mince his words and pretence as most volte-faced politicians do to buy time and prolong their stay in power.

Since his ascend to the primer-ship office, as a care-taker waiting in power, that was meant to last to the end of September 2020. Numerous shocking executions have taken place, all having the same pattern, the world did not want to know, look the other way and/or pretend they did not happened.

Worse, still, Abiy kept on appearing in public and blamed his political opponents as the culprits carrying out the executions. In the past, dictators felt and satisfied that it was necessary their victims knew and experienced the crashing mighty force they had scammed to so as to terrorise the living. Abiy plays a different ball of game: he kills and claims he is a victim of those he killed and still seeking public support.

Let us mention few of the dirty games played out.

The Federal Army Chief of Staff, General Saare and his friend General Gezai were killed by his body guard stationed at his home but the public was led to believe this was committed by members of TPLF in disguise. The perpetrators, clear as it was has not been brought to justice.

Engineer Semeghew killing was attributed to committing suicide and the car he was found dead was driven without any frenetic investigative work conducted to ascertain facts was driven away by government spices from the scene in an shambolic haste.

The killings of Amhara regional leaders, Dr Ambachew and his colleague, were committed by a renegade and disgruntled General Asamegnew Tsege who was summarily executed upon his capture so not to utter a word in case he implicated conspirators.

Hachalu Hundessa, a popular Oromo singer, was murdered whilst walking to his home. The government then blamed Tigraians for his murder when they have nothing to gain from his death. But, Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed had vested interest in the plot, to score vindictive points against Jawar Mohammed and Bekele Gerba.

Sixty Amhara nationals were rounded and executed in Wellega. Thirty minutes after the government federal troops were ordered to leave the village, they were stationed in a lighting speed, to implicate as a probably when it is not possible, by OLF-Shen and TPLF. Again to deepen wedge of discord between Oromo and Amharas, Abiy’s Administration accused TPLF that the massacre was carried out by a remote control means the Tigraians.

On 3rd November 2020, In Maikadera/ማይካድራ, north western border of the Tigray, innocent men and women were hacked to death. Abiy and his henchmen were quick to blame the TPLF and Tigrsians for committing the crime. Obviously to anger the Amhara nationals and trip them up into ethnic conflict, in the same manners they did in Wellega to saw seeds of ethnic conflicts between the Amhara and Oromo nationals.

Nevertheless, one thing is crystal clear for those who have eyes to see and ears to listen.

There are and were other nationals, including Amharas in Tigrai living and working in peace when disputes, ethnic conflicts and killings were taking place in many part of the country. Tigrai was at peace. Yes, Tigrai was at peace before they declared war and destroyed its fabrics 3 weeks have come and gone since.

Why would it be now necessary that innocent Amharas be brutally killed by Tigraians?

Besides, if evil is reigning in the minds of the TPLF and Tigraians since birth, there are now over 10000 military troops captured in a battle fields and those Amharas amongst them would have been killed to satiate blood thirst if indeed Tigraians are born evils.

It has not happened and will never happen. Those who were captured 30 years ago and who were given a second chance to join their families and friends are living witnesses.

Just few days ago, few foot solders of Gebot-Sevet, under the instruction of Berhanu Nega were ordered to relocate from Eritrea, where they lived for more than seven years on average and the world that it was a hell place to live in, to Qurra, Begemedir, to initiate terror among the residents and cause havoc so others including the Tigraians and Gumuz to blame so as to advance Abiy Ahmed’s divide and kill policies using bloodshed as a shock.

This is the New Drama played out, on the stage by the peace loving preacher, Abiy Ahmed the world had not seen before.

When the world would see for what it is or are we waiting for another Rwanda and scotch our head?

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