Attack Dogs on the loose!


(By T K, 29 November 2020)

Rudy Giuliani disparate his face covered with hair do to look young , when he is not; Mike Pompeo struggling with his paunch, preventing him to see facts on ground and fabricating as he wobbles to take flights to inspect puppets across the world; Trump raising his chin to scoff off at the world that he would not accept bygone election results; Boris Johnson infected twice with Covid as he appears on the podiums telling the British to stay at home, keep distance and wash hands, when he himself under-minds his own rules he declared; what more do we expect from such attack dogs who tells their prey they are out to save them from raptors in sheep’s cloth!

And the others, sitting on the fence, Democrats or what not; who were complaisant for hundreds of years since the American War of Independence, when blacks, Red Indians and low income white Americans were denied their rights as citizens to vote; in what is known as vote suppression ploy!

In a country where there are umpteen buildings to use as voting booths, they permit only one station for an entire city, so voters have to queue for at least 11 hours to cast their vote; making it impossible for hand to mouth earning people to waste their valuable time needlessly, so as to discourage them from exercising their democratic rights, when in any European country you only have to spend 5 minutes to complete voting.

Likewise, you need to have a driving license to be able to vote. How many people have driving license in the Europe and the USA to do this, when granting driving license, for example in the UK getting a driving license is like obtaining a PhD degree, impossible for many to achieve, with a deliberate intension to deny blacks and other minorities to expand their job opportunities.

There is also what is called gerrymandering to manipulate boundaries of geography so as to marginalize and cheat the operations of voting census in their favour.

All these are done in the western nations who preach democracy to others. When they themselves practice feudal practices and their police and securities take draconian actions against black people under the pretext of pity minor excuses with impunity. What a world we live in, hold your breath!!

When they have plenty of dirty clothes of their own to wash and clean at home, they stretch their long arms and tell the world to get rid of dictators when in fact they pick and choose dictators to do their dirty jobs.

Who else but UAE and others are using their drones to kill kids and university students in Tigray?

Who else but the Westerners who decorated Abiy with Nobel Peace Prize who he goes out and bombing Tigrians for carrying out an election the constitution of the country mandates?

Who else but the Arabs, who obviously forget that the Axumite Empire was the First Nation that recognized Islam as a state religion, as it was also the second for Christianity, when Prophet Mohammed dispatched his daughter Fatima, and his followers to seek refugee when they were persecuted in his own birth place.

It was in the town of Negash, Tigray the first mosque was built and Moslems exercised their religion in peace and in return the Arabs currently mistreated, imprisoned and kill Tigrian refugees seeking better life?


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