Broken News for Sale!


(By Y H, 29 November 2020)

We know the international media are owned and run by nations and institutions that have vested interest that they would like to promote by all means avails. None profess nor would they intend to stand on moral high ground to tell and voice the truth. Even when they did it is not because they contrite and admit their sin of misinformation but because of the resolve of victims tenaciously holding their lines until truth prevails. Then they start to wobble and lean towards the prevailing wind. Have we live long to notice this?

There is no point being detracted and exhausting one’s limited resources and energy in a knee jerk reaction against countless hail of deliberate misinformation. 

But stand assured. Our cause is legitimate and right. Tigrai held local election on 9th September 2020, seeking mandate to govern in accordance to the law of the federal constitution.

On the contrary, the Arat Kilo juntas refused to carry out the election that was meant to be held in June 2020, then they extended it to August 2020 sighting logistics shortcomings; they had to sort. This was then followed by other excuses of COVID 19 pandemic pretext to indefinitely and perhaps permanently suppress the election the federal constitution requires.

Be that as it may, but how is that the Dictator in power at Menelik palace, their Godfather’s stead, want to decisive the world that they were concerned about the spread of the pandemic when in fact they mobilised hundreds of thousands militias, soldiers and by the same token equally forcing out of necessity to defend against existential threats. The Tigrians to do the same, explain they are in a noble ground to prevent the spread of the pandemic? They have no conscience to tell the truth! But relay on lies.

When pandemic excuse began to lose ground, that it became a flimsy excuse not to conduct the county’s election, they then planned to carry out an all out military aggression against Tigrai region so as to divert the public attentions and extend their stay in power by other means.

At a time when Tigrai has to deal with desert locust and the pandemic, the last thing it needs is an aggression on all sides from one nation imperial rule of Amhara domination and revenge by Eritrean attack dogs led by Isaias Afeworki. 

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