Hard as Rock 


(By T K, 28 November 2020)


Hard as Rock

When you find yourself at the bottom layer,
Of a social ladder,
As in a row of sedimented clay,
Your outer soft shell,
Eventually gives way;
But only to transmogrify,
One might haste to say,
To an igneous rock,
Your opponent will face,
Daunting task,
To break.

… Igneous rock,
Fluid lies,
Could not possibly leak,
Through its fabric.

..Igneous rock,
Compressed into black,
Hard tarmac,
A runway suspended,
High up in the sky,
One day, may be one day for dreams to take off,
And fly, earthly gravity defy.

Knock, knock!
Tigrai, tough nut to break,
No, surprise they call you rock,
For the fainthearted hard walk!!


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