Martyrs! Eternal flame

(By T K, 28 November 2020)
Martyrs! Eternal flame…..!
Lock me in a fridge
I will not get cold;
suffer fatal odd
From blood clot,
It would not be told .
If I hold on to you – eternal flame
Death will not triumph and claim.
Throw me into a glowing fire
I will not burn and expire
I will recover
Sooner than later
My tissues rewired
And in a fine way attired
If I have you as my home to retire.
Cut my tongue
I will talk,
Amputate my legs
I will still walk
And rock,
Away if you take
By the scruff of the neck
Those who wish me look
Fumbled and Broke.
Immured in a dungeon,
Shackled to the walls
Oxymoron that may befall,
I will grow tall
In defiance I will rot not.
Nor will I succumb
But survive the plot.
In bondage
I will summon courage,
Free at last I will then become
If only see you me come
In a prison camp.
Push me off the cliff
I will not fall,
​But like a leaf
I will remain afloat
If only I could get your support
Eternal flame you brought.

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