Establishing the Truth About Tigray: Why hasn’t the UN Secretary General demanded access and flown there to establish for himself what is happening in Tigray?


(Source: Lord David Atlon, 27 November 2020)

This morning the Ethiopian Embassy in London sent their own version of events to Parliamentarains. This followed a meeting between the Foreign Seretary, Dominic Raab MP deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Foreign Affairs of Ethiopia, Mr Demeke Mekonnen.

The Deputy Prime Minister also told the Foreign Secretary that it was carrying out this military assault to “ensure the peace and security of the people of Ethiopia, and protect and defend the constitution of the land.” 

He described the attack on Mekele – with a population of 300,000 as “law enforcement”. Given the likelihood of thousands of civilian deaths this is not law enforcement it is a war crime. Continue reading

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