Clairvoyant Mother; or Was She? Would Abiy be a king of a lost empire?


(By Y H, 01 December 2020)

Some people may have been modest enough to rebuke the thought of someone’s claim that his mother saw it coming and vaticinated, her son, Abiy, the Pentecostal preacher, a crook without bound, would be a king of a lost empire. 

The reason people accepted such a prognostication with a pinch of a salt is this; a good wish thought of any mother is an axiomatic and would not be a surprise if this mother stretched it a bit.

Nevertheless, think hard; Abiy’s mother was a Bar lady, washing glasses, serving customers and possibly selling her body for quick cash to earn; a struggle to make ends meet. There is no fault of her, no crime had she committed, and no disrespect for the difficult position she found herself in. My own sister could have been in a similar position, and indeed, there were some members of own extended families in a similar predicament. There is no high ground here to down-look Abiy’s mother. By in large, the country’s significant women under the imperial rule did not have other options but sell their flesh to survive; where the country’s fortune was under the tight grips of the corrupt and inefficient despotic rulers.

But that said, which woman, in her right mind washing a bar glasses, and selling her flesh, in a place where kingship was hereditary won with cut throat struggle by contenders, would envision her son would be a king coming from nowhere? የምትበላው የሌላት የምትከናነበው ኣማራት::

Let us say, she envisioned her son would be a king. Let us say the son also believed that he would be a king. As in fact had become one: but would you expect a boy who witnessed his mother struggled in many ways than one, which included marrying an old man to put food on his table, would turn out to be a dictator crashing all hopes of you boys and girls by bombing schools and university?

That said, it is not very hard to sell such Pollyannaish solipsism to the Amhara Expansionists, who saw in this man advancing their own dreams of controlling and oppressing millions of nations and nationalities. As for their grandparents and parents did not long ago but halted some thirty years ago when the Tigrai Liberation Front broke and dusted their fortress of misrules.

No doubt, Abiy squandered billions of dollars remaking the imperial palace with gold glided statues of Menelik and that miniature character, Haileselassie, who rusticated four step sons and daughters in order to hide that his wife had Moslems children; an embarrassment to an emperor who claimed that he was the descendant of Solomonic Dynasty as his motto read: ሞኣ ኣንበሳ ዘዕምነገደ ይሁዳ::

It is not one man Abiy, who has lost his mind, the Amhara ruling circle have turn Rabies at a time the world is suffering with COVID. The world at large is aware what needs to done to get rid of such pandemics to leave in safety and peace.

Those international bodies who abetted and betted the dictator to ascend to power ought to be accountable and brought to justice to the humanitarian disaster befallen upon the unsuspecting people of Tigray. 

Sorry, we did not know that we were dealing with a dictator is not good enough an excuse to Scot free. Likewise, the Nobel Prize corrupt institution ought to be disbanded once for all; enough shenanigans has been in play in the name of peace and progress. 


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