Stop Abiy Ahmed’s and Isaias Afeworki’s genocide and Ethnic cleansing against the people of Tigray in Ethiopia

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(By Mekete Tigray UK, 30 November 2020)

With full support of Isaias Afeworki, Prime Minster Abiy is reigniting ethnic civil war between Amharas and Tigrayans. Abiy Ahmed’s government has closed all roads to the entire Tigray state, so aid agencies cannot reach those who are needy of food Aid. All communications are shut down, banks shut down and all financial avenues blocked with the intention to choke hold the people of Tigray. The BBC’s Newsday Programme reported that the UN supplies at least 600,000 people in Tigray with food relief on a regular basis and “assistance… is bound to be interrupted if the supplies are not restocked and if movement is not permitted” ( People will face malnutrition and many people will die because of Prime Minister Abiy’s unjustified war in Tigray. This is becoming a serious situation as there is little food available to feed them.

President Isaias Afeworki of Eritrea’s and Abiy Ahmed are indiscriminately bombing civilians, schools, churches, universities, hospitals, factories and public infrastructure. According to the Eritrean Hub (, “United Arab Emirate (UAE) have been conducting drone strikes against Tigray” to support Abiy Ahmed. The Guardian has also reported that “There have been reports of civilian casualties from the air strikes and artillery bombardments with hundreds dead” (

 Over 43,000 refugees now fled into Sudan. Thousands of Tigrayans and Eritreans more are likely to leave their homes if the international community does not intervene to stop the war, geneocide and human suffering committed by the Ethiopian Nationa Defence Forces (ENDF), Eritrean Army, Amhara special forces and militias.  This is a war crime against humanity and the UN, USA, UK, EU and ICC should investigate the genocide committed by Abiy Ahmed and Isaias Afeworki on the people of Tigray (BBC News,

The Ethiopian Human Rights Commission (EHRC) said “it had visited 43 people in police custody in Addis Ababa and the detained Tigrayans have reported that they have been arrested only because of their ethnicity.”

Abiy Ahmed’s administration is implementing a policy of ethnic profiling and discrimination against innocent Tigrayans in Addis Ababa, Amhara region and rest of the country. Tigrayans bank accounts are frozen accross Ethiopia to prevent them from using thier own money and starve them to death. 

Abiy Ahmed’s governement has also disarmed Tigrayan military officers from their duties including those stationed in Somalia who were part of the African Union peacekeeping force (Amisom). Abiy is weaponising ethnic profiling and and arbitrary arrest of ethnic Tigrayans in Ethiopia including Tigrayans on UN peacekeeping mission in Somalia and South Sudan ( This kind of represion against Tigrayans must stop before the war on Tigray from spilling out of control and exacerbating instability across the country. Abiy Ahmed is destroying the unity and security of Ethiopia. 

Universities, schools, hospitals, private and public factories, infrastructure are being bombed since the war began. Civilians are subjected to ex-judicial killings and rape by Amhara special forces and militias and Eritrean Army whilst the ENDF army standing and watching. Indiscriminate air and artillery bombardments in Wukro and Mekele have killed thousands of civilians, and nearly 44,000 Tigrayans are now forced to leave their home and fled to Sudan.

Looting has become another tool of war engagement by the Ethiopian and Eritrean governments. Reports from different sources have confirmed the looting in Tigray in a colossal scale that never seen before and taken to Eritrea and Amhara region. reported that President Isaias Afeworki has mobilised thousands of Eritrean citizens to participate in looting all assets including military and industrial equipment, warehouses, private and public properties in Adigrat, Aksum and Adwa whilst Ethiopian army watching. Likewise, Twitter users twitted that the Amhara Special Forces, Militias and civilians have been looting Tigrayan properties from districts of western Tigray. The Amhara regional government is also conducting a campaign of Tigrayan ethnic cleansing and harassment by ordering Tigyayans to leave from the districts of Tsegede, Walkaite and Kafta Humera in western Tigray.

Listen to the Ethiopian National Defense Forces (ENDF) soldier audio interview about the war in Tigray – Afaan Oromo translation to Amharic and English below.

This audio was produced by Oromo Global Network

አንድ የሃገር መከላከያ ሠራዊት አባል 30 ያልታጠቁ ትግሬዎችን ገድያለሁ ይላል a member of ENDF says killed 30 unarmed civilians.

*** በትርጉም ሥራ ውስጥ ጥያቄዎች ሁሉ በጥያቄ ምልክት ተዘግተዋል። መልሶች ሁሉ በ4 ነጥብ ተዘግተዋል።

ወያኔ በእጅ አልያዘቻችሁም እንዴት ብላ ነው ገንዘብ ሊትዘርፋችሁ የቻለች?
ከበው ያዙን፣ ከበው ይዘውን ወታድር አረዱ።
አዎ በቢላዋ።
አሁን የት ነህ አንተ ትግራይ የት አካባቢ ነህ?
ባሕርዳር ነው ያለሁት አማራ ውስጥ። የቆሰሉትን ባሕርዳር ነው የሚወስዱት?
አዎ ወደ 6000 ሰው ነው ከኔ ጋር ያለው።
የቆሰሉ ማለት ነው?
እጁ የተቆረጠ ዓይኑ የጠፋ።
እነዚህ አንተ ከነበርክበት ክፍል የቆሰሉ ናቸው እንጂ ሌሎችም ክፍሎች በኃይል ተመተዋል ይባላል እውነት ነው?
አዎ ትግራይ በየሄድከበት ሬሳ ብቻ ነው።
ሬሳ ብቻ? ያለቀ የሕዝብ ብዛት ይህ ነው ተብሎ አይታወቅም ማለት ነዋ?
አዎ ብዙ ሰው አልቋል።
ቆይ የቆሰሉትን ባሕርዳር ይወስዳሉ፣ የሞቱትንስ እዝያው ትግራይ ጥለው ነው የሚሄዱት?
የሞቱትን ትንሽ ቆፈር አድርገው ቀብረው ያልፋሉ።
ይህ በብዛት ህዶ እየተዋጋ ያለ ጦር ኦሮሞ ነው ወይንስ ያለህ መረጃ ምንድን ነው የአማራ ታጣቂዎችን ትተው ኦሮሞ ብቻ እየላኩ ነው ይባላል እውነት ነው ምን ያህል እውነት ነው?
ውሸት ነው እሱ ውሸት ነው።
እኩል ነው ማለት ነው፣ ሁሉም የታጠቀ ኃይል ህዶ እየተዋጋ ነው?
አማራና ኦሮሞ አንድ ላይ ናቸው። ወንድማሞች ናችሁ ማለት ነው በስልጠናችሁ መሠረት?
አዎ ወንድማሞች ነን፣ ትግሬዎች ናቸው የተነሱብን። እሺ ትግሬ ብቻ ነው እንጂ እናንተ አንድ ናችሁ ማለት ነው፣
ሌሎችስ ብሔርና ብሔረሰቦች ከናንተ ጋር አሉ?
አማራ፣ ኦሮሞ፣ ወላይታ፣ በኒሻንጉል፣ አፋር፣ ሶማሌ።
ሙሉ ብሔርና ብሄረሰቦች የሉማ ከነዚህ ከቆጠርካቸው ውጪ? ሌሎች በጥዪት አልቀዋል። በብዛት ግን ያሉ አማራና ኦሮሞ ናቸው?
አዎ አንደኛ በብዛት ኦሮሞ ነው፣ ቀጥሎ አማራ ነው።
ኦሮሞ ይበዛል ማለት ነው?
አዎ እንዳለ ኦሮሞ ነው።
ትግራይ ለውግያ ስይሄዱ፣ በፈቃደኝነት ነው ወይንስ የግዳጅ ስልጠና ተሰቷችሁ ነው?
ለሃገር ነዋ፣
ለሃገር እነሱ መከላከያን ሙሉ ገድለው አማራን ከኦሮሞ ጋር ሊያጋጩ ነበር? ዓላማቸው እንደዚያ ነው አሉ?
እንደዚያ አሉ፣ አልሰማህም እንዴ ከሚድያ? ። ሚድያ እናያለን ግን እንደምታውቅ የተለያዩ ሚድያዎች ናቸው ያሉት የተለያዩ ዜናዎችን እንሰማለን የትኛው እውነት የትኛው ውሸት እንደሆነ ልናውቅ አልቻልንም። የአማርኛ ሚድያ ፋና ማለት ነው።
እሱን ነው እናንተ የሚታዳምጡት?
ዋልታ ፋና በአማርኛና በአፋን ኦሮሞ በደምብ ያስተላልፋሉ። ሚድያም እየተከታተላችሁ ነው የምትዋጉት ማለት ነው፣
መቼ ነው አንተ ቆስለህ የተመለስክ? የኦሮሞ ጄነራል አላየህም መግለጫ ሲሰጥ?
አዎ አይቻለሁ። (እዚህ ጋር መተጎም አልቻልኩም የተወሰነ ላልፍ ነው።) የኦሮሚያ ሃብት ሁሉ ትግራይ ውስጥ ነው ያለው። የኦሮሚያ ሳይሆን ሃገሪቷንም እነሱ ነበሩ ሲያስተዳድሩ የነበሩ፣ የጦር መሣሪያዎች ድሮውንም እዚያ ነበ። አሁን የትግራይን አስፋልት ብታይ ሃረርጌና አማራ ክልል ያለውን ብታስተያይ ማለት ነው።
እሺ? የሻብያ ታንኮች እንዴት እንደሚሽከረከሩበት። ሻብያም ሄዳችሁ ነበር?
አዎ መሣሪያ ወሰዱብን እየተዋጋን እየተዋጋን መሳሪያ መቀማት ጀመሩ።
ከሻብያ ጋርም ተጣላችሁ? ለምን ትጣላላችሁ አብይና ኢሳያስ አብረው ናቸው?
ወደዝያ ሸሽተን ነው።
ትግራይ አባሯችሁ ነው ኤርትራ የገባችሁ?
አንዳንዱን አፍነው ወሰዱ አንዳንዶቻችንን ደግሞ ገደሉ፣ 6 ሰዓት ላይ ተኝተን እያለን ቶክስ ከፈቱብን 55 መኪና ነበርን።
እናንተ ሳታውቁ መተው ከበቧችሁ?
ከበቡን አዎ። መቀሌን ይዘናል እያሉ ናቸው፣ እንደ አንድ በቦታው የነበረ ተዋጊ የትኛው ጦር ነው ብዙ ሰው ያለቀበት?
ሕጻንት ሁሉ ነው ሲገድሉ የነበሩት፣
መከላከያ ነው ሕጻናትን የሚገድል?
አዎ ሕጻናት ሴቶች አሮጊት ሽማግሌ የለም።
እናንተ ወደ ትግራይ የዘመታችሁ ሰዎች መሣሪያ ያልያዘም ቢሆን ትግሬ ከሆነ ትገድላላችሁ ማለት ነው?
እኔ ራሲ 30 ሰው ነው የገደልኩት።
This is an English translation of the secretly recoded audio that was released on our YouTube Channel this translation was done to the best of my language knowledge and ability to clearly hear the audio. All questions are marked with question marks, all answers are either with full stop or non.
TPLF didn’t capture you how did they manage to take your money?
They surrounded us and slaughtered soldier.
with knife?
yes with knife.
Where are you now in what part of Tigray are you?
I am in Bahr Dar in Amhara region.
so the wounded ones are taken to Bahr Dar?
Yes about 6000 wounded Soldiers are here
Wounded ones?
Those who lost arms and eyesight
So these are wounded soldiers from your unit, it has been said that other units too were badly hit is that right?
That’s right, everywhere you go in Tigray there’s human body.
Everywhere human body? so numbers of causalities is not correctly known?
Yes a lot of people have been killed
Wait a minute, the wounded are taken to Bahr Dar, what about the ones who are killed? they just leave them in Tigray?
They bury the dead in a shallow graves
Who are the majority fighters? it has been said that Oromo is the largest number fighting against TPLF, what information do you have on this?
That’s not true
So all the armed force is equally participating? Are Oromo members of the ENDF with Amhara? and you two are brothers in arms in accordance with your training doctrine?
Yes we are bothers in arms, except the Tigrians who betrayed us.
Ok so beside the Tigrians you are all together, what about the other nations and nationalities? are they too with you guys?
Oromo, Amhara, Wolayta, Benishangul, Afar, and Somali.
Beside those whom you just mentioned other nations and nationalities are not with you?
Others are killed with bullets.
So the majority are Amharas and Oromos? Oromo’s number is higher?
Yes the whole thing is Oromo
Did you guys volunteered to deploy and fight in Tigray or you are specifically trained for it and forced in to it?
It’s for the country, they killed the whole NDF and try to create chaos between Amhara and Oromo.
Was that what they (TPLF) intended to do? Yes they said that, haven’t you heard from the media?
We follow the media, there are different medias we hear different news but we couldn’t figure out which news is telling the truth and which one is lying.
Amharic media such as FANA
You guys listen to that? [FANA]
WALTA and FANA both clearly transmit in Amharic and Afaan Oromo
You guys follow the media and fight at the same time, when did you get wounded and medically evacuated? Didn’t you see when the Oromo General was giving media briefing?
Yes I saw him
“The entire Oromo resource is in Tigray” (The Soldier said)
It’s not just Oromia, they were ruling the whole country, and the weapons were always there.
Now if you see roads in Tigray and compare them to those in Hararge [Oromia] and the Amhara region.
Ok. How the Eritrean tanks flay over those roads.You guys went to Eritrea too?
Yes, they took our weapons, while we were fighting they start stealing our weapons.
You guys fought with EPLF? Why would you two fight Isayas and Abiy are together?
We flee toward Eritrea
Did Tigray chased you to Eritrea?
Some of us were kidnapped, and some were killed, mid night, we were sleeping, when they opened fire on us, there were 55 vehicles.
They came and surrounded you without your knowledge?
Yes they surrounded us.
They are saying that they have captured Mekele, as someone who was at the battle field, which force lost the most Soldiers? (ENDF or TNF)
They were killing even infants.
Was it the national defense force killing infants?
Yes infants, women, elderly…..
Those of you who are deployed to Tigray, do you kill the unarmed once too for just being Tigrian?
I myself killed 30
Are those whom you have killed armed or unarmed?
I killed both armed and unarmed
Were you ordered to kill everything you see or you were killing voluntarily?
Yes orders were given to us [to kill including unarmed non combatant civilians]
Were you told not to pass a Tigrian with a gun? [were you told to kill all Tigrians]
Yes we were told to kill the mentally ill, old women and so on.
Have you suffered severe wound?
No my wound is on my hand, I am recovering and going back to war.
Are you going back to war?
Now this is voluntary not for the freedom of the nation.
Yes I don’t mind to go and die there.
Are you a member of the Oromia police force or national defense force?
I am a member of the national defense force
Is the Oromia Police force too in the war? Why would the police go to war?
You mean police doesn’t fight?
Does it look like a neighborhood war to you?
AT LEAST THE LAST MINUTE AND HALF WAS NOT TRANSLATED DUE TO LACK OF CLEARITY IN THE AUDIO. Please refer to our YouTube Chanel for the full audio content and its Amharic version of translation under the video on our channel.

***የዚህ ድምጽ የአማርኛ ትርጉም እንደሚከተለው ይሆናል (English translation of this audio has just been added below the Amharic translation, please use the link below the Amharic translation to access the English version.

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