MaiKadra Victims!…You hurt me!


(By Y H, 29 November 2020)

MaiKadra Victims!…
You hurt me
worse than an arrow
my heart is filled with sorrow.

You hurt me
worse than a bullet
not only the flesh
but the soul is also dead,m.
The day you turned me refugee
knocking other peoples’ gate.
This I shall never forget!

You hurt me
Stand accused as an enemy.
Read the anger
of the child left in hunger
begging in the street,
innocence damaged
before any chance to stand on its feet.

Read the lips –
the prisoner’s lips
they seem they are sealed
but words leap,
warning the omen
the disgrace,
you will face,
will be just the same,
your predecessor were put in place.

Read the lips
they look sealed
but words leap
out and travel deep
to the earth’s womb
to wake up the children that have gone asleep;
and inform their mothers
no more that they need to weep.

Even if they would
they couldn’t.
Their glands are kaput.

Look at the woman,
hunched and old
contrary to feminine gene,
barren and bald.

Look at the man’s face
creases criss-cross
‘cause of the stress and distress

Look at the contours criss-crossed,
in his presence
you could hardly see
a human race that he ought to be.

Look at their anger though restrained m,
until it reaches the size of a mountain,
and the vastness of a plain.

Oh! Yes the contours;
The contours will leap
out and about
like a whip
and bound you as Egyptian mummies did;
from the limbs,
through the hips
to the ribs.

But unlike as in the pyramid,
they will throw you alive
into the jaws of hungry beast stead.

And then you will
vanish million times dead
than those you mopped…
and mapped their death…

No history for you to be written,
No loss love tears to roll down.
From bereaved faces saddened.

Except the nightmarish memory
People remembering what the devil you were walking free.
Newton’s Law of Action
You will take-in your own medicine
And learn soon,
The lessons of pain.

Locked in a prison
With no means
To wine and dine,
relax and entertain;
Libidinally driven
Grab and pinning-down;
umpteen vulnerable women,
Only to tear and mess up their sexual organs!!
Look at me
I am your mortal enemy
I will fight your tyranny
Till brought to its knees!!

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