Menelik Remembered!


(By Zeray Deres, 02 December 2020)

Menelik Remembered!

At a time the world attention is elsewhere,
An evil that refuses to relinquish power;
When Democracy is threaten by cabals
And peace loving Americans fighting tooth and nails;
To restore rule and order!

At a time COVID is inflicting untold melee and distraction
That not being suffice enough;
Tigrains fighting desert locust invasion!

At a time farmers were about to harvest, in distress,
The products of their year long arduous labour
Dictators right and left declared war
For no apparent causes
But to wipe out the entire the Tigrian race,
From the Earth’s face!

No one was spared
Young, old, pregnant women
Besieged in a biblical abattoir
They are being slaughtered
Just like what did their predecessors;
Who sold the Tigrains to a colonial power
In return of cash and arquebus!!

Surprise, surprise, the world is watching in silence;
As if a grand wedding is taking place
Only this time blood is offered in demijohns,
Shivoo to brighten!!

We are not asking for your pietistic generosity
If only you stop your duplicities
And the provision of weapons
That are pointing to existential threats!

ዘርዓይ ድረስ
ደመይ ኸይፈስስ
ብነፍጠንኛ ኸይሕፈስ::



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