Who Started the War?


(By Zerai Deres, 04 December 2020)

Two plane load of elite paratroopers landed at Alula Aba Nega, Mekele International Airport with intentions to assassinate the leadership of Tigrai state on 05/11/2020.

The plot: once the leadership was eliminated, sleeping cells controlling the Northern Command, with the support of forces waiting stand by in and around the Tigrai region with the direct participation of the Eritrean military forces.

What happened next was a shock for the illegitimate Ethiopian group in power and dictator Isayas Afecherki that the plot miserably failed.

The paratroopers on mission were effectively dealt with and following that, the Tigrai Government took over the Northern Command that was operating in cahoots with the paratroopers.

Now, would not take such a step when a plot to destroy Tigrai was hatched and executed?

Tigrai did not start the war. The Abiy Administration did start the war with the support of foreign forces (Isaias Afeworki’s Army and UAE).

Why did the war start? Well, Tigrai elected its regional government on 05/9/2020 in accordance to the constitution and rule of law.

The group running the federal government refused to submit them themselves to the due required election to secure public consent.

The excuse given was because of Covd-19. An excuse that did not hold water, as Tigrai and many other countries in the world did carry elections given the predicaments.

When the excuse not to carry out an election run out of steam and exposed the group bear naked, they decided to wage war to deflect the public attentions. It was not only to deflect attentions but the power to impose emergency law to arrest and kill opposition forces with the intention of emerging sole power tool as to continue dictating the destiny of the country.


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