BBC Interview a doctor who fled to Sudan about Shelling of Humera by ENDF, Eritrea Army and Amhara attackers

Eritrea Ethiopia Sudan Tigray

(Source: BBC Sound, 04 December  2020)

The has interviewed Dr Tewedros Tefera, who worked at the main hospital in the Tigrayan Humera, close to the border with Eritrea and Sudan by the BBC’s Julian Marshal on Newshour on 04 December 2020.

Dr Tewedros says that the shelling came from the the north and the east.

Accourding to Dr Tewedros, the northern shelling came from Eritrea, which is just 200 metres from the town.

The Ethiopian Army shelling was followed up by the Amhara militia known as the ‘FANO’. People were describing them as Amhara Special Forces and FANO Militias;  Dr Tewedros carries on saying that the Eritrean Army took people’s proporties and then burned their houses.

He says on the first day 15 people died and 75 people were wounded. The whole town was hit by the shelling.

Dr Tewedros describes what happened when the town was attacked on 08 November 2020 and listen to the BBC sound audio in full below.

In addition, listen to the following video from Shire residents meeting with high ranking ENDF generals and government appointees which was recorded by Abiy government state ETV. The Shire residents’ testimonies confirmed what happened in Shire town including looting, burning and killing civilians with knives.


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