Harrowing family loss at the hands of Amhara militias leads to heroic struggle in Tselemti, Western Tigray


(Source: Destalem, Tselemti, Western Tigray, Translation by Meron, 06 December 2020)

“My home was set ablaze, and my family was destroyed before my very eyes. We were not even able to prepare and bury our dead family members like human beings.

My sister Rahel, do not expect me to tell you this person has survived and that one has not. I do not dare to do so. I am not even able to tell you about those that were killed before my very eyes.

I will not be here tomorrow because I am joining the struggle, to be martyred not to survive. And even though your family and your kin are lost to you, make sure that you do not lose those that remain as you weep and mourn.

Build a country so that this may be the last of Tegaru blood that is shed and so that those who are and are yet to come can live in peace.

Promise me that our blood will not be undermined or abused by some.

My Sister Rahel, my mother was preparing for my wedding in January, but she is not fortunate enough to see the light of her son’s special day. What I can be sure of, however, is that because of the blood I shed today, there will be a country that will shine bright forevermore.

Promise me, my sister, that you will not pass by my mother in the same manner that I used to pass by and ignore the mothers of our martyrs yesterday.





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