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The video gallery contains atrocities committed by Amhara FANO militias and Ethiopian National Defence Forces (ENDF). Refugees who witnessed the massacres in May Kadera and Humera and fled into Sudan gave their eyewitness testimonies on camera how the Amhara militia cut off the heads of four children and cut the babies out of pregnant women. Burani said, “I saw it with my own eyes who has just trekked two days across mountainous terrain with no water to find safety in neighbouring Sudan.

We, Tigrayans, are proud of our heritage. No one will take your Tigray identity. Tigray has always given birth to generation of heroes. Remember Emperor Yohannes IV, Ras Alula, Hayelom, Marta and countless Tigrayan heroes who defended Tigray and Ethiopia at multiple fronts while Emperor Menelik had been collaborated with foreign enemies of Ethiopia. Similarly, Abiy Ahmed and Isaias Afeworki have joined their forces to terrorise the entire population in Tigray. Abiy also has been implementing ethnic profiling of innocent Tigrayans. As a result, countless people are being massacred and thousands are displaced because of Abiy and Isaias’s war on Tigray.

Our present heroes will restore Tigray dignity and freedom and defeate Abiy Ahmed and Isaias Afeworki’s air, drones and ground war on Tigray to make our future generation live free from repression. Abiy, the traitor, will never win the war. Therefore, all Tigrayans must support the government of Tigray and its forces to uphold Tigray’s dignity.


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