Amhara Expansionism: one of the main causes of ethnic conflict in Ethiopia

Opinion Tigray

(By WS Asfaw, 08 December 2020)

Many Amharas are probably not aware of the consequence of Ethiopia’s final eclipse as a state is facilitated by natural and human-made calamities. Military aggressions right and left cannot unite a country by force. It is a recipe for fragmentation and precipitates further suspicion in an already uneasy relationship among nations and nationalities.

The fact that Isaias, the fascist dictator, ruined his domain and massacred the Eritrean generations by creating a state of prison within a prison Gulak state of the worst type cannot help either. That said, the Eritreans who survived his brutal regime had to flee to whereever their legs happen to take them.

Looting and destroying people’s household funitures, kitchen utilities & doors, hospital supplies, universities & factories equipment,  agricultural fields by ENDF, Eritrean Army and Amhara militias

The result is that they become refugees all over the World. Furthermore, with another region to destroy in his plot, by looting any potential household utility, tools, manufacturing factories, agricultural fields sacked, Isayas is out of his mind. and the world has been watching this mad man causing havoc in the region. The looting that took place in Tigrai by Isayas’ forced is systematic and horrifying. Reports are coming drips and drops because of the deliberate blackout deliberately made to avoid dreadful news that the Abiy and Isaias occupying forces are committing heinous crimes on innocent people all over Tigray.

The Amharas as usual have sold their country and soul for the financial reward at the expense of destroying Tigray for generations to come. The mission is undoubtedly clear that when Abiy invited foreign powers, (Isaias, Amhara regional AdministrationSomalia, UAE) his plan is to destroy a regional administration that did not agree his one nation, one language, one culture that was the main cause of backwardness the Tigrains fought to seek justice and fairness denied under the monarchical rule for well over a century. The one hundred thirty years of connivance has given them the upper hand in Ethiopian politics leading to a disastrous conclusion.

Ethiopia’s sovereignty of the past felt like being tress-passed (stepped over) by foreign forces who have no vested interest in the well being of oppressed nations and nationalities. Except to loot and destroy, humiliating Tigray, anyone cannot accept except the psychopathic leaders.

Through their indecisive leadership, the Amhara undoubtedly forced Tigray once again to muster the will to fight to the end to retain its right to self-determination. Many Tigreans idea is gravitating for outright secession than being the sitting duck of the Neftegna Amharas. With the changing situation that occurs, there is a clear paradigm shift. There will not be a retreat from the prevailing reality but a continuous reassessment of the overall struggle at hand.

The concept is within the realm of self-determination; thus, it does not divulge central strategic thinking while upholding certainty. None of the Co. members of Gedu, Demeke, Workneh, or the Charlton Abiy, etc., will make any dent to ameliorate but exasperate the ailing state to its inevitable destruction and death.

In comparative measures, the devastation that is happening in Tigray could not have been done without watching war films of WWII in Germany. The overwhelming majority of Ethiopians know that Abiy did not come to power to improve Ethiopia’s economy or political situation. As a foreign stooge, Ethiopians very well understand that Isaias has been the worst despot that Africa had produced in its modern history. His total defeat in the war of Badame (1998-2000) had deflated his ego very much. His hate for Tigray goes beyond that, and it’s deeply entrenched in his psychic.

Nevertheless, Isaias started grooming every discontented Amhara, from every hue (from the Berhanu Negas/Andargachew Tsege’s to ordinary Amhara bandits the Wuqaws, Arbengoch Gembars; The known venomous Amharas who provided blueprints on what to do, and how to destroy Tigray once and for good.

The looting of artifacts and prehistoric items and documents were done systematically. Col. Abiy, the new fascist kid on TV, exposed himself that the TPLF has hidden guns in churches, monasteries, and historical places. These were all done in Abiy’s Project X, to loot and destroy to illuminate shreds of evidence everywhere. History repeated, the Amhara blunders continue unabated.

It is frivolous to discuss the mental inclinations of two well-understood dictators’ personalities in the horn of Africa. The whole plot to destroy the Ethiopian society’s fabrics is familiar to Ethiopia, which was over and over-rehearsed in Eritrea single-handedly by the past master dictator Isaias.

For nearly thirty years (1971 – 1991) Isayas almost perfected his actions of controlling the Eritrean society without glitches and hiccups through the known method of eliminating any decency to his authority.

It is assumed Isaias is ripped between three loyalties, the Arab connection, Ethiopian nostalgia, and Eritrean loyalty. In short, Isaias is an amalgam of three conflicting factors that are pulling and pushing him at all times.

The Arab mission could not be more explicit on what he did to Eritrean society over the last three decades. Eritrea has become a rabble of its past. The pride and self-esteem of the Eritrean populous were shattered afront. If there was any remnant hope that he is looking after Eritrea’s interest, it has collapsed, for he aims and own Addis and not to the Eritrean per se. Because the Amharas will not know of the hundreds of thousands who lost their life, The 21 regiments and mechanized support Isaias sent to Tigray to kill children and women (noncombatants), pillage, and annihilate, to create a submissive society like Eritrea.

His mission is partially fulfilled. In a nutshell, Isaias could be summed up as a tripled agent where his loyalty is musked with the virulent sprays that he tirelessly spites all over. His hate to “Woyane” was a means, not an end in itself. If the mission of making Ethiopia weak was one of the primary objectives, he started consolidating the Horn of Africa sneaks and serpents under his junior partner (Abiy), spying for Isaias, Dubai, etc., from hired as secret services for over a decade. The game is not over yet—the Amhara intellectuals who were fighting for power around the wings, as Menelik did in the North, at the expense of even selling parts of the country for power and prestige. They all thought Tigray was at the epicenter of the Ethiopian rescue mission.

They (the Amharas led by Abiy, Isaias, and Arabs) are all in a surprise wake up call. What they all created was a self depicting monster of their images. This caricature will eat all the enemies alive with no exception, one by one, gradually but surely that may also turn inwards and consume them as well.

The right to self-determination does not mean that the strong have the upper hand over the others. Despite their aim being centered on land grabbing, the seismic rift between Gonder and Shewa, Wollo and Gojjam interweaved by the intricate spate of hate, envy, greed, and paternalistic nepotism is manifesting in their daily operations.

The Gonder Fanos and bandits have been poking the Sudanese lion’s nose with match sticks recently (Dec. 2, 20). International law cannot be left to local bands/bandits to sort it out land claim. It is like playing with fire in dry grassland.

Today, the Amhara are roaming all over like a headless chicken trying to displace the Tigray population by bringing half a million settlers into the occupied area. The Amhara regional government is asking the Federal government to reclassify Wolqait and Raya as the Amhara region. The dispute between the Oromo Prosperity Party and the Amhara counterpart is raging. The Oromo party representative today told the Amhara representatives, ቆማጣ qomata kalalkew aysemam. Any sheep and goat thief will go to claim another region and tell us what to do; the constitution and regional borders will stay the way they are.

Sudan is kicking the bandits from eastern Gedaref. The Neftegnas are everywhere trying to occupy land that is not theirs. Menelik had sold the land to foreign occupiers. The ordinary people do not know where their border is, nor the governments. During EPRDF time, Demeke Mekonnen was responsible to negotiate for the disputed land with Sudan. His mess is still lingering, and the contention should have been resolved long time ago.

The Amhara are in a meltdown, not even trying to defend their territories bordering Sudan as Sudan is now in full control of the disputed areas.

Suddenly, the Amhara militia and the Amhara settlers in various regions, particularly in Benshangul/Gomez, Wolqait/Raya, are claims illegally obtained. It is the constitutional right of every community to claim lawfully the land of their ancestors through the proper channels of law. In this case, Likewise, the Tigray people have the natural and legal reasons and support to defend themselves rightfully from aggressors who have wage war on peace loving people who have never claim a turf which was/is not their.



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