Black Ethiopian but Professes to be White Supremacist!


(By Taddis Aregay, 08 December 2020)

On 10 March 1889, dark clouds gathered in the Horn of Africa. An evil character descended to power and soon enough began unraveling his wicked plots. 

His decadent lifestyle put aside, he went on marauding and   plundering the people of the south for their land and the only treasure they only possessed – their bodies. Some, millions in fact, were captured and sold sale as slaves; others suffered a twisted pleasure to gloat over, their bosoms and genitals were cut off at will. Those who resisted  their  forearms were severed and they  forced to carrying them slinging on their backs, as well as the over a million women’s with mutilated    bosoms were paraded in the streets to teach a lesson to those who might have had contemplated objecting Menelik’s domination to submission. 

Menelik was then East African slave master; who made millions of Maria Teresa to help him purchase Harquebus and hack-but guns to ensure his dominance over the conquered subjects.

At the time of death, due to tabes dorsalis, complication from untreated Syphilis had 80000 slaves ready to dispatch for sales in the Middle and Far East. His grandson, Lij Iyasu had 40000 saves as he wonder in the Afar desert, as cash resources to cover his expenses as he was at odds with Empress Taytue, the third and last legal wife of Menelik. Some of the slaves and their descendents emerged as skilled military strategists and king makers, ጫቦ in India, a teacher in South Africa(see picture attached), Bills ቢላል Prophet Mohammed’s prayer caller,  Many of the dark skinned citizens of the Arab nations were/are Ethiopia and/or East Africa.

Menelik did not grab swathes of land from Tigrai, some of it was sold to the Italians for evil and sinister plots, from Oromos, Welsytas, Gomes, Somalis, Harerres as well as his descendents went as far as Sudan and displaced the Radi El Fashago committees from Khorramshahr Yabis, El Fashaga and El Sughra off Barajas Noriega.

Every where the Amharas went they were after the land of others,  a ploy they learnt from their colonial partners, namely the Italians the British but without the trickledown effects, meager that may  albeit, benefits the white colonizers  purveyed. 

Moreover, like the European colonialists the Amhara felt they were supremacists that every other ethnic that befallen under their rule should adopt their image, language, (be that borrowed from the Tigrain heritage), and culture to live. 

Click the image below about Yilam Tadesse, Ethiopian Ambassador to African Union professes his Amhara Supermacy

Listen to the young Yilma Tadesse who is now Ethiopian Ambassador to Africa Union and the man himself, Menelik, who claimed to be a Caucasian oxymoronic to his image, who disregarded and despised being labeled as Negro, that he had nothing to do with!! Lo behold!!

When Neville Alexander used to visit his maternal grandmother Bisho Jarsa as a boy, he never suspected the extraordinary story of how she had come from Ethiopia to the South African city of Port Elizabeth.

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