Forked Tongue, World Press!!


(By T K, 08 December 2020)

Forked Tongue, World Press!!

In as far back man started to walk
His guttural tissues began to talk
As he departed from the animal world
That are by nature’s rule furled;
Truth began to have a different agnation
In a circus rotational fashions
Depending who turn out to be a boss
With strong calves,
The surface of the Earth,
That hard press;
Well built up arms that swing and flex;
And a tongue like an arrow that stings

He then is declared as a success
And his narration taken as a truth;
No one ought not to cross.
Only to accolade and embrace, alas!

He then had myrmidons to flow
The morsels they get to swallow;
And the weak simply mellow
As willows do in the direction, the wind blows.

And those who profess
To uphold the truth
In the name of the unsuspecting masses;
First, fabricate illusions themselves to excuse and impress,
But then as events begin, in the opposite, to progress
They then choose to seat on the fence
Their sins to redress;
Forked tongue World Press!!


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