Reply to Mr Yilma Taddesse preaching Amhara Supremacy


(By  J B,  08 December 2020)

Your over century old venomous mind, has finally erupted and destroyed your Ethiopia.

Click the video below to watch about Yilam Tadesse, Ethiopian Ambassador to African Union who preaches his Amhara supermacy








The Ethiopia that you think you are not African
The Ethiopia you think have no ‘Negro Blood” at all
The Ethiopia you think is ‘closer to God than to Black people’
The Ethiopia that the ‘Amhara tribe are superior, clever and cute’
The Ethiopia you believe that ‘other tribes are inferior and ignorant’
The Amhara you said came from Semitic, Arabia then ‘migrated inwards’
The African race relation you don’t care isn’t your concern
The Ethiopia where the ‘discrimination to others is not known as prominent’
The Ethiopia you looted its history and subjugated its people
The Ethiopia you made others speak Amharic and made them sing Amarigna
The Ethiopia you changed its demographics relentlessly to clone yourself
The Ethiopia video you depicted 60 years ago hasn’t changed but worsened
‘Congratulations’ you have ‘succeeded’ at last. The first chapter has begun where it finished.

‘Congratulations’ you threw, the dynamite, the grenade, the missiles, your machete, your axe, accompanied by your endless lies, deceit and brutality.
‘Congratulations the Ethiopia you dreamt, has crushed under your feet.

You miscalculated when you conspired with foreign invaders because you knew you are a coward to do it on your own.
That’s what Menilik II and Emperor Haileselasie did before.
You miscalculated again to try it on the very land of Tigray’s mountains and its formidable people.
You miscalculated when you forgot Tigrayans didn’t succumb neither to you nor to the invaders you collaborated with in the past.
You miscalculated when you decided ‘to finish Tigray for ones and for all’, forgetting their ancestral soul is indestructible.

I say ‘Congratulations’ though; you have looted their treasures,
their history and destroyed their universities and industries that will grant you a trophy or ‘Nobel Prize’ for no honest reason.

Your Architect Isaias of Eritrea will die on day,
with ‘The disgraced dictator’ engraved on his grave.

All your masters who stand with you now, will rob your Ethiopia.
Every tribe despises you. You will have no place to hide in your Ethiopia .
The Tigray you went to invade, will be your coffin, your burial place with no grave or tombstone. BUT will assure you,



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