Ethiopian government ethnic profiling and discrimination policy spread to public and private institutions


(By Mekete Tigray UK, 11 December 2020)

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The concerted ethnic profiling and discrimination of Tigrayans by Abiy Government has spread to public and private institutions such as the civil service, banks, construction firms and  Ethiopian Airlines. Ethnic cleansing has been going on since 2016 during premiership of Prime Minter Hailemariam Desalegn in 2012-2018. Ethnic Tigrayans were murdered, ethnically cleansed and their business and properties were burnt to the ground in Gonder and Bahir Dar in 2016-2018 by Amhara nationalists with the blessing of Federal and Amhara regional governments.

Many sources have reported ethnic profiling stories of the Abiy Administration in a variety of ways. The Telegraph reported on 04 December 2020 that Ethiopian Airlines ethnically profiled and sacked employees’ of Tigrayan origin (pilots, technicians, etc.) from their jobs in support of the Abiy government war on Tigray. A civilian airline involvement in ethnic profiling and discrimination sends the wrong message to country of diverse ethnic groups to feel threatened by such blanket shrewdness policy that could irreversibly harm the unity of Ethiopia.

Source: Twitter

Abiy Ahmed and Amhara elites have ulterior political and personal motives to undermine and deny ethnic groups’ self-determination which is guaranteed by the Ethiopia constitution. Their hostility stance to self-determination and federalism has animated Amhara extremism against non-Amhara ethnic groups.

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When ethnic violence, killing and ethnic cleansing started by Amhara extremists against Tigrayans, Gedeo, Kemant and other ethnic groups in Amhara and Oromia regions, Abiy Ahmed’s government and his Prosperity Party (PP) have been silent to condemn the atrocities, and failed to protect citizens. Innocent and defenceless Tigrayans, Gedeo, Somalis, Oromo, Afar, Agew, Gumuz, Kemant and other ethnic groups have been seriously injured and murdered, and their businesses and properties have been attacked and burnt to the ground because of their ethnicity and religion. Since 04 Novemebr 2020, About 50,000 Tigrayans have now abandoned their livelihoods in Metema, Tsegede, Welkait, Tselemti, Kafta Humera and fled to Sudan to escape the war and massacres perpetrated by Ethiopian National Defence Forces (ENDF), Eritrean Army, Amhara Special Forces and FANO extremities.

Where is Abiy’s Medemer (“love, peace, come together, unity and reconciliation”)? Abiy has abandoned his Medemer philosophy, and he is fiercely engaged in to destroy Tigray, Oromo, and other ethnic groups who do not ally to his vision of Ethiopia. Abiy is using the war on Tigray and Oromia, ethnic hatred politics, misinformation and imprisonment of opposition parties as tools to stay in power.

Ethiopians must reject Abiy Ahmed’s war of violence and ethnic profiling that undermines self-determination and a peaceful coexistence amongst ethnic groups in Ethiopia. Abiy Ahmed is leading Ethiopia into the Abyss that is benefiting the enemy of Ethiopia, Isaias Afeworki who is looting Tigray properties in massive scale including people’s house doors, glasses and furniture. The only choices for Ethiopians to coexist in peace as one nation are sustainable democratic elections, devolve self-determination and federal system of government that recognise ethnic diversity and equality not Amhara supremacy.

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