Federalism is Dead!


(By Y H, 11 December 2020) –

This short article does not pretend to a comprehensive account of the subject matter raise. It is a sketch attempting to map what needs and why it has to be done.

With the exception of America, both north and south, and Australia; where the colonialists successfully managed to claims the land as their own sovereign after they brutally wiping  out the majority of the indigenous people. The minority left were coerced to adopt the psychological make-up of their masters, abandoned their languages, culture, way of life just as the Amhara did with their subjugated subjects. It was not too long when in Eritrea and Tigray, every mornings at 1 am and 12 pm (Aksumite time) every person has to abruptly stand straight when the flag was hoisted and come down glorifying the emperor for his eternal sacrifices, which he never did. Any one observed not obeying the salute would be punished.

Every child had to compulsorily learn the Amharic language. In Tigray in 5 out of 7 districts the Amhara planted military bases where 99.9% of the forces where either bachelor Amharas and others but not Tigrayans with a clear intension of unrestrictedly reproducing mixed offsprings to blur the Tigrayan identity.

For the time get go the flight was established, the Ethiopian Airlines, at the points of take off and landing play Amharic classical with no other nations or nationalities musical mix both claiming and brainwashing that Ethiopia was synonymous with Amhara tribe.

To come back to my topic, test with the exception of America and Australia the colonialists were driven out and the colonies had to start from scratch to rebuild and repair the scars they were left with. But one thing was clear that they were nations and nationalities, and they opted to live together as federalists. Otherwise, they all felt victims to be put under the same colonial basket, and most did not feel one was superior than the other, they may, indeed have disputes but such disputes did not emanate for the pride of ethnic superiority, as that if the Amhara did.

After hundreds of years of Amhara domination, oppressed nations and nationalities could not possibly form and live under federally structured constitute in Ethiopia. As some of the decolonized nations in other part of the world did, since we have amidst the oppressed nations in Ethiopia, the Amhara ethnic, which by geographic necessarily has to become part of the federalist.

Federalism has been tried for the last 30 years but the Amharas undermined it from within, using the structure as a means to a self-serving end. Some may say the Amhara supremacists are few and far in between, dying remnants of a dying aristocracy class. True, but the problem of supremacy is not only limited to the descendants of the aristocrats, ever Amhara who managed to emerge braking poverty and deprivation s/he or his family faced, would tragically. This is not a historical fact to claim that he or she has the duty to pick up the mantle of that was once their  ancestors’ pride.

An Amhara beggar and a Tigrayan beggar do not feel the same in the streets begging for money from passer-by. An Amhara feels s/he is entitled for more alms when asking a Tigrayan. Once given, he seldomly is heard uttering ቀማጣ ትግሬ ዛሬ ኣልፎልህ … !! That is why you see these hundreds of thousands of poor peasants waging war against the Tigrayans as we speak.

Yes, the descendants of the aristocrats are far and between, but they have the peasant being used as cannon fodders, partly because the peasants have their own illusions, they have been contaminated with. Otherwise, look Demeke Mokonne and Gedu, are not royal blood, they are the sons of, one of a shopkeeper and the other of a peasant, doing the dirty work of superiority race.

 A wounded Tigrayan boy, who lost, killed 3 years brother.



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