A War Game, They Wish to Regret


(By Y H, 13 December 2020) –

A game Abiy Ahmed and Isaias Afeworki lost by miles was meant to hoodwink the world and enraged peace-loving people at the lost of thousands of human lives against deliberately framed perpetrators and scoop double victory, they had hoped.

But the war they provoke got started in a wrong foot, had it gone according to plan, Tigray would be conquered and subjugated in a matter of days if not a week. (read the reasons for the debacles of their plan: http://togoruba.org/togoruba1964/mainTogorubamap/mainMap/headingMap/2020/2411TK20-02AE.pdf

Meshete Wielding Amhara FANO Militia in MaiKadra

Further to destruct and hoodwink the rest of world, they decided and indeed carried out a massacre of thousands of Tigrains, in Mai Kadrai/ማይ ካድራ a boarder town between Amhara and Tigrai regional states and blamed the Tigrai State defence force for committing the genocide. 

They deployed local and international humanitarian institutions to help them present a crime stained hands of theirs of as clean and finger-point at the enemy they wanted to see destroyed.

The local Human Rights institution based in Addis Ababa fully and knowingly collaborated with the unelected government ruling the country in helping achieve its objectives to misinform the world.

To corroborate the findings of irresponsible local institution, the London based Amnesty International accepted the verdict as credible and valid to publish all over the world.

It is breath taking that Amnesty  International had to issue and declare that Tigrain Defence Forces committed the crime – Genocide- without thoroughly and exhaustively investigating the varsity of what news  based on hearsay by a group that is loyal to and in the pocket of Abiy Ahmed’s  government.

This false assertion help the Eritrean and Addis based government to shooting kill and bomb, using UAE drones and Mig fighter jets as well as ground mechanized forces.

The Tigrains who escaped death and slaughter with machetes and bullets were and still are prevented from crossing over to the Sudan to save their lives as we speak.

Now, the plan of completing the war they started had pass by date, and is removed from shelves, which they had not thought it would last any longer than planned,  and the world is demanding access to investigate the truth as to what had happened, the hired gangs sitting in power, calling themselves “government” have refused for any independent body to assess, investigate and find out the truth. He is what Ridwan, residing Minster of Information/ disinformation had to say when facing the Press, “We are sovereign state, with long and shinning history, we will not any to investigate, we will give the facts and you must accept!”

These people live in a different planet. They would not want to be accountable for their crimes they committed because they are leaders of civilized and thousands of years independent country/empire. Independent, civilized! … My foot!!

In despair, they are now gathering right and left dead Amhara soldiers’ bodies, remove blood stain army attires to substitute those they massacred in Mai Kadrai/ማይ ካድራ to cover their sins. Once more they want to deceive the world but in vein as truth will finally prevail.

We ask: the bodies of the Mai Kadrai/ማይብካድራ victims be preserved and presented to experts as evidence and attested for the world to adjudicate and pass the verdict. The residences of Mai Kadrai/ማይ ካድራ also be given to testify know who these bodies belong to facially recognize.

We also ask the world since when has it become a crime to elect a regional government for anyone insane mind to declared war against and wage a war that has the whole mark ethnic cleansing?

Tigray calls for justice!!


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