Frequent bombardment of civilians and massacres in Tembien using drones and fighter jets – Situation Report EEPA HORN No. 24 – 13 December 2020


(Source: 13 December 2020) – 

Military situation (as confirmed per 13 Dec)

  • Bombardment of civilians and areas of TDF suspected bases were reported using drones and fighter jets around Central fronts of Tigray.
  • Reports of three convoys of military trucks carrying soldiers and three trucks which were heading to supply fuel to Ethiopian National Defence Forces (ENDF)  have been destroyed by Tigray Defence Forces around Mayichaw, the capital of Southern Zone of Tigray.
  • Alerts on frequent bombing of Tembien (Tigray) with increasing number of confirmations, speaking of indiscriminate attacks, taking place “nonstop all day today involving a huge number of fighter jets and artillery firepower”.
  • Massacre reported in Tembien, a small town of Guya, around 30km west of Abyiadi town where more than 20 civilians are slaughtered by the military according to reports.
  • Soldiers brought by helicopter to Tembien are terrorising civilians to give up the location of the elected President of the Tigray regional government, reported. Continue Reading

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