PSYCHO-Analysis on Colonel Abiy Ahmed


(By Alex Berhanu, 13 December 2020) –

As you were following the news we believe you have sufficient knowledge and information on the ongoing war in Ethiopia. However, on the complexity of the Ethiopian polity and its history, the nitty-gritty political matters may not be so easily& immediately accessible to those who are a bit distant from the centre of the melodrama. In this light, we as an academic caucus living in the UK & USA felt necessary to bring the following critical issues that may help fill some possible gaps, in drawing a better picture of this devastative and senseless war. According to Colonel. Abiy Ahmed, whose premiership expired on 5th Octtober 2020, the war is an operation to reinforce law & order (i.e. an internal matter), just to arrest a few ‘unruly bunches’/ ‘culprits’ in the Regional State of Tigray. If that were the case, police force would suffice to do the job; instead of dispatching, the whole national army backed with all forms of war armament and supported by over 20 foreign battalions. The real mission was to settle revenge that was simmering for over 20 years by infamous dictator Isaias Afeworki of Eritrea.

However, as noted by international bodies, the ongoing battles denote beyond the yardsticks of conventional war, as the telltale signs have confirmed this week by various reliable sources. The psycho-political war was conflagrated two years ago in different formats:  racial innuendos, profiling & mass arresting professional Tigrayans (without due legal process). War crime by starvation and deprivation of communication were committed by blocking all trade routes/inter-region high ways. Thus the current war is the culminations of all these of precursors for premeditated war of crime (genocide) to annihilation Tigrians once & for all.

The perpetrators’ charges against the Tigrayans are: the fact that they stood for democracy/resisted/dictatorship and that, they brought tremendous socio-economic achievement (within only two decades). This developmental achievement has overshadowed the fruitless glorious years of the previous ruling Amhara elites. In like manner, the Tigrayan speedy development magnified the total underdevelopment of neighbouring State of Eritreans. Thus, the two dictators, Colonel Abiy & Isaias Afeworki, made a secret military pact to eliminate their common enemy, after so many unofficial to & fro visits, including no-go areas for foreign elements (in both countries).

It is with this insight, backed with numerous photos & verbal, we have come to assert that this fight is war of attrition, well-perpetrated revenge to annihilate the Tigrayans as whole (not only their lawfully elected leaders). One can make similar assertion or inference from the scale and speed of this war, although it is difficult to draw a complete picture, without untangling some of the complex plots & counter plots. Bearing this in, this why we have come up with this letter of appeal, at least to highlight a few of the pretexts; putting aside the cardinal socio-political issues for a book format. Until this book comes out, we humbly refer you to the attached documents, if at all; you would like to substantiate some of the points mentioned in this email.    

  1. Firstly, we would like to precede our sincere appreciation to the current AU Chairman, His Excellency Mr. Cyril Ramaphosa, president of South Africa, for appointing and delegating the three noted African states personalities, to pour oil on the turbulent water in Ethiopia. Unfortunately, as the peace mediators noted, this nascent dictator Colonel Abiy Ahmed is not a conventional politician, who knows and operates within the international/civil norms known hitherto. He is rather somewhat obsessed with grandeur illusion to be the 7th King of Ethiopia, hoping to reincarnate Emperor H. Sillassie (The father of OAU, now African Union).
  2. However, it may sound immaterial, (in the present urgent situation), we are impelled to touch upon his personal background in order to understand his modus operand. Our expert Colonel colleagues/psycho-sociologists/ have discovered that Colonel Abiy has some resemblance with that of the current USA president. Everything is fake news to him, he is always right, always he like to be listened (not listen to others’), he pushes to be the gang-leader wherever he can; and finally he wants to he hangs on to power illegitimately. Of all, the most worrisome common-shared trait is the fact that both of them have no regards to Africans. Much worse, Colonel. Abiy, as attested by his schoolmates, the present Colonel was a rowdy lad, highly opinionated about his blood or physique/rather narcissistically, undermining flat-nosed & kinky-haired friends (  Perhaps one of their differences is that Mr. D. Trump seems to be the defender of his country’s interest & sovereignty; whereas the latter has sold out his, to bidders & dictators of enemy countries.
  3. The other striking discovery noted by our Colonel colleagues, is the fact that Colonel Abiy shares nineteen traits with Adolf Hitler; as stated in W.L.Shirer’s famous book, “The RISE and Fall of the THIRD REICH”, including his demagogue ‘medemer’/unifying by force. He is clever (as Hitler) in playing with words/oratory in appealing to the section of the society with lower intellect or political exposure. Like Hitler, Colonel Abiy has no an iota of feeling to human suffering and thus he is ready to eliminate 6, 000,000 citizens, in order to achieve his grandeur illusion.
  4. Comparing with Colonel Mengistu H. Mariam, who was an ardent nationalist, lacking a sense of direction  where & how to take Ethiopia forward; whereas this nascent dictator does not give a toss about Ethiopia’s’ destiny; as far as he can stay in power by fair or foul means and at any cost! The former was brutal with his political opponents but never was he pathological liar as the latter. Telling lies and his doubled-face nature that have prompted  us to write this letter today, so that  the whole world will not be deceived for the second time, after his speech on accepting the 2019 Peace Noble Prize. Some of his major lies, out of our long list gathered, are brought to your attention here, hoping to complete the picture of the ongoing war:

 (A)  On 10 October 2020, Colonel. Abiy told to the Ethiopian Parliament that the economy has grown by 6.1% in 2019. This is stark lie as local & foreign economists know well where the economy stands, plummeting to nought for the obvious reasons. By the way, with his cavalier attitude, he always undermines and tortures the MPs with insistence sarcasm and innuendo (on their political ignorance); and ironically he often gets their clapping in return.

(B)  The warmonger Colonel told to the world that the war was started because TPLF plundered the Northern Army Garrison maiming the ammunition keepers and some security guards (10 pm, 3/11/2020). That very night (at 8 pm), Colonel Abiy made a phone call to the Regional President (Dr. Debre-Tsion Gebre. Michael) to inform him that he has sent a box of recently circulated new bank notes. By the way, this is not a prime minister’s job but that of a cash officer’s at the national/central bank. Anyway along with the bank notes Colonel Abiy sent 2 Antonov An-225 (1 crammed with 300 esp. commandos & the other with 2 jeeps mounted with machine guns), to awe and sequester  the entire TPLF leadership, all at once while they were at a meeting ( as informed by hid covert spies). Sadly, those killed security guards were ‘sleeping cells’ that had pretended to be on TPLF’s side during the psychological war. The unprepared TPLF leaders were lucky that they got very vital tip-off, which saved their individual souls and the pride of the Tigrians from unfathomable shock & bloodshed. Five of us (from the list below) wrote our postulates/intelligent guesses/article titled as ‘Impartial Reportage’ (attached below) and sent to BBC, Al Jezeera Amnesty Intr. etc. After two weeks unravelling events and impartial report our hypothesis was proven true.                                                                                               

We could not believe the Colonel Abiy’s words because, let alone of that magnitude, even any minor war would need causes accumulated (over long period) s and a strong igniting pretext. A war is not a volcano that erupts willy-nilly or unexpectedly, even nature forewarns with some form of tremor. By the way, the chief plotter & designer of this war was the senior dictator Isaias Afeworki, in such a way that it would coincide with USA election, whence the world attention is away from Africa; and thereby a period of indecision would follow in the Whitehouse, if Joe Biden wins.                                                                                                   

 (C)  As Colonel Abiy lied several times over the killings in the other part of the country (due to his mismanagement of the reform), he alleged the massacre at Maykadra to TPLF fighters without due process of investigation or a shred of evidence. On this one too, we jotted down and shared our hypothesis to BBC etc in which we have been proven right, again unequivocally; and actually the hacked victims were all Tigrayans (not from the Amhara nationality/ethnic group).

 (D) In this atrocious war, Colonel Abiy told the whole world that no civilian was killed nor affected in any way. This is unheard of magnanimous lie in world history that cannot be believed even by some archetypal dictators. Raising only one quest question could dispel his ignominious lies: What created then the deluge of 50,000 refugees to flock to the Republic of Sudan? Military strategists, seasoned politicians, and astute journalist can easily extrapolate the number death of civilians & soldiers from the number of people running away battlegrounds. For now, as of this very minute, it is believed to be over 10,000 from reliable sources. Farm animals that could not be looted away have been shot & killed with bullets as if they were enemy combatants. In one place, over 1000 mature papaya trees owned by a woman farmer, named Haregewoyni have been hacked with machete (purposely brought in) as if they were  accomplice combatants (as evidenced in video ).

 (E) Initially, Colonel Abiy Ahmed denied the involvement of Eritrean army, but when an ethical journalist cornered him, he admitted that the Eritreans are helping in some logistic matters, as good neighbours would do. If so, what a friendly country/army is that, that destroys factories, wreak havoc on offices, plunder universities and schools, wantonly kills farm animals, and even slashes thousands of fruit-trees? By the way, where on earth, a government ever deployed an enemy country’s army to annihilate its own people? (All evidenced with video & satellite pictures).

(F) Colonel Abiy told the world that the refugees in the Easter Sudan Refugee camps, ‘sheltered’ under the bare and scorching sky, are all are mature TPLF fighters, when the whole world seen their pictures that the majority of them (65%) are kids under 15 and elders over 50. We wonder what the Colonel Abiy would say if he knows that that some women had miscarriages (out of shock); and only one woman managed to have her baby alive during the trek and another one after reaching the camp? (

 (G) On 29 November Colonel Abiy told the world that the war is over but that very day his warplane was shot down and the pilot caught alive by name Tadesse Abraha; and as usual, he denied that as if nothing happened. On the same day a rocket missile was shot to Eritrea, and Isaias Afeworki (Abiy’s tutor of lies & plots), bottled it in out of sheer arrogance. By the way, the war is still going and blazing in full-fledged as TPLF‘s spokes person (Getachew Reda), said this weekend, “we just started the war, the previous operation was a just defensive one.”

You all know that Colonel Abiy is replaying the interahamwe of Rwanda (1994), which we all African are ashamed of, and he is already half way up in completing on the ladder of war crime and genocide process against Tigrayans. We all know that he disrespected the hard won AU, as his new mentor, Isasa Afeworki did (saying bunch of… in his debut, addressing the African summit, 1993). Colonel Abiy not only talked off the delegated peace mediators but also forced the respectable AU office to fire its security guard merely because he is Tigrayan. In similar vein, Abiy’s government had the audacity to request the World Food Programme Office in Bahrdar to provide a list of Tigrayan employees; although it was rebuffed due to its reputable employment policy and its independence from the Ethiopian government. Furthermore, in order to eliminate any trace of Tigrayans on this planet, Colonel Abiy’s government has gone as far as baselessly accusing the fine son of African/Tigrayan Dr. Tedros Adhanom, who is doing a sterling job to save humanity! What an ear-sore to all Africans!?  In the same madness, Colonel Abiy has put under house-arrest Mr. Tewolde G.Mariam, the CEO of Ethiopian Airlines (African pride), merely because he is an outstandingly successful Tigrayan.

Now the question is who can deal with such a person of erratic personality whose modus operand is unconventional and above what can be done to stop this ravaging war at least save at least 1 soul out of these 6, 000,000 Tigrayan Africans. (

The world cannot afford to lose Tigray and its people, as you all well know:  

  • Tigray is the Holy land for both Christian & Moslem people for more than two millennia;
  • Tigray is the cradle of immense civilization with so many open air museums, world heritages;
  • Tigrayans are the pride of all Africans and democrats (anywhere else too) as they are the ones who fought off colonialism. Unfortunately their historical glory has become the eyesore to only a minute number elites of the Amhara & Eritrean nationalities only;
  • Tigray is the core state of the Ethiopian empire and to keep it, as it is today, Tigray must survive!
  • Tigrayans are the ones who set a working example that it is possible to bring peace and prosperity within Africa within a short period, thanks to the late PM Meles Zenawi’s pragmatic policies;

Finally, we would like to leave the answers to the above two burning questions to your individual conscience and your official capacity in your respective institutions!

We remain with great anticipation

Yours very truly

The Academic Caucus of Ethiopian Diaspora residing in the UK & USA



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