Scratch My Back I will Scratch Yours!


(By Zerai Deres, 16 December 2020) –

Once, in fact more often than not, Muhummer Gaddafi was heard saying, “My beoble (with his convoluted accent) love me, how can you say I am a dictator,” ruling with iron fist, I might add, to interviewers with the hope of spreading his Green Book doctrine. The rest you know it, the beoble he love him so much drag him like a dog in the streets, and he was once so feared. One might say Gaddafi was a simple straightforward oil rich megalomaniac, which I happen to agree with. 

Now there are different fish on the stage men, if you like performers and these are no ordinary performers but quite the opposite of Muhummer. They are more concerned to please not only the audience but also themselves. President Trump who gave the green light on how PM Abiy could violet and undermined the constitution endorsed by the nations and nationalities and extend his stay in power without mandate wanted to do the same old tied and tested tricks using the all sort of excuses he received as a helot of President Trump.

The rule of law, democracy and adherence to a constitution is not trampled in Ethiopia but also in the USA under President Trump. When President Trump contemplated the extension of election, he put it casually on Tweeter to taste the water but found out that the water was raging hot at a boiling point, too hot to swallow down his guttural to his displeasure. He then abandoned the thought that he could not play golf as he pleased with the American Constitution.

He is a man who advocates kids need to go to school come what not because he argued young people are immune to the diseases but the fool failed to realize that the kids have homes to go to live with parents, old and probably sick, who are vulnerable when exposed. 

The young do not live on treetops but with families, which includes old and adult family members. If, God forbid, the parents die how would the kids maintain themselves and keep going to school the president urged and coercing them to do. The consequences of his policy is now clear for anyone to see.

The duplicity of the man is incredulous to believe. Whilst he insists that students needed to go to school, with the same breath he argues that it was dangerous to organize and conduct election in November 2020. 

Election took place in the best way possible. Postal balloting was but the safest way to conduct the voting. However, President Trump foul-cried, that postal balloting was a fraught with fraud. Legal body after bodies confirmed that it was not. 

Furthermore if President Trump had taken care and adopted the right procedures and measures, events could not have gone out of control and Americans would have voted in persons, had it not for his wrong policy he followed that cause the need for postal ballots.

The only good thing in America, at least President Trump did not declared that he would cancel the election all together and he declared himself he would be a president for life as Abiy Ahmed is trying to do.

The PM Abiy’s approach to election and/or war or no war, peace or no peace; is mirror image of President Trump way of handling things.

Abiy Ahmed’s chatoyant displays of self-image on the screens has the same message over and over again as President Trump lost the Presidency come January, he pretends he has won the election. He told followers Covd-19 is fake, yet in hours he got infected, he panicked took a helicopter flight only covering10 miles at most and demanded the medication so expensive the ordinary American dying could not afford. Not only had himself all his myrmidons done the same to save themselves as well.

Ethiopia under Abiy Ahmed fell between a rock and a hard place. The Tigray People’s Liberation Front (TPLF) as a member of the coalition of four ruling party left central power without resisting and rising arms to stay in power, which they could have tried, but with long term negative consequences. It was comforting that they did not choose that path. At least they now could raise their head high that they were not gun toting rag tags, Abiy is.

The Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed who was at the heart of Ethiopia intelligence services to render call of duty to his country appears he had been planted by foreign powers to spy and help destroyed the Ethiopian army and constitution. Some say as he was stationed with sizeable combatants to fight the Isaias’s army, when he secretly passed the accurate location of the communication unit to Isaias’s forces to completely wipe out the unit but himself, who left the unit under some pretext at the time of the attack.

Now, the message is loud and clear: Abiy Ahmed wants to be seen more catholic than the pope does. He appears more sympathetic and concerned and is on the crucifixion cross ready to die championing the cause of Tigrayans than Tigrayans themselves.

Nevertheless, we the Tigrayans know who he is and we do not want his appeasement to preach what is good and who to deliberate it. The people of Tigray have chosen the TPL in a fair and just election. It the decision of the people, there is no but and if, it must be respected.

Thus, Abiy’s mission is clear; whether the PM is in a silk, wool, leather or traditional dressings he is out and about to divide and weaken the resolute of Tigrayans whatever it costs and/or however low his person and pocket it get.

When many people are shot at  or murdered on the PM Abiy’s watch and the rest of people continues  to lead their lives business as usual with upper stiffed nose as if something horrible is not happening in the country, then one feels the country has lost its bearings and is heading down the cliff.

Grapevine sources had it that a communication military unit in the year 2000 AD. During the Ethio-Eritrea war where the current unelected PM Abiy was part of unit that was hit and destroyed by air to air missile once he had excused himself from duty to go somewhere away from the unit and a few minutes later all members of the unit except the traitor Abiy Ahmed perished. That way it is told, he saved his life. This was not only a murder crime but also a treason against the country. As now unelected PM was a stool pigeon assisting a foreign  enemy which was actively engaged in destroying the country to replace it with a dictator the country had fought to replace/remove except this time with a ruthless and far worse than the devil of the former Colonel Mengistu Hailemariam.

That said, the Amhara elites might not have cared as long as Isaias removed the Tigrayans from the shared power of EPRDM. They were part of, as much as they did not care to sell Abay (Nile) River to the Egyptians as long as Egypt lent hands in the downfall of the EPRF and Isaias Government where Tigrayans were perceived to having dominant role to play. 

Anything and everything, real or make-believe, that help pointing out at the Tigrayans dirt was welcomed and tolerated. The case in point the first Prime Minister of EPRDF, Tamrat Layne, Aba Dula and other high-ranking Amharas elites were engaged, and are still actively engaged in emptying the government coffers. Nonetheless, it was and is still acceptable as long as they were not Tigrayans. Tamrat Layne, is now a close confidant of Abiy Ahmed. ያይጥ ምስክዋ ድንቢጥ::

They have to arrest Bereket Simon and Kassa Tadesse on trumpeted up charges and would sleep in peace with the scienter committed, whilst they there are many equally if not more corrupt than the two imprisoned.

At the Meskel Square celebration of his inauguration, a group of people hired by the man himself,  exploded a bomb, miles away from where the Prime Minister Abiy was seated. One innocent person was killed immediately. This was followed by another death the next day.

Whilst these were the hard facts, the unelected PM Abiy told a different, farfetched story difficult to believe as the information was coming out from the head of the state. The Tigrayan terrorists backed by TPLF were behind the explosion to kill Abiy Ahmed.

One kept wondering whether had Ethiopia lost its head or far worse, the people lost their ability to anticipate that the man would, however long a distance it takes to keep himself popular by plotting terror and claim as a victim of malaise.

As the head the country with unfettered access to security information, the Abiy Ahmed Was/is in the position to know the exact and nature of the explosion. But, he preferred to release inaccurate information about the number of people killed immediately. 

He said four people were killed when one was only killed at the time of explosion and another the second day from his injury. He also pointed at the wrong people to having caused the explosion – the Tigrayans. 

Not only the exact number of dead but also the identities of the perpetrators were known, as some of them were immediately apprehended. 

However, how convenient it was; he chose to blame the Tigrayans! Vigilantes on the spot meted some of them out their punishment until they lost consciousness and some suffered paralysis.

For Abiy Ahmed lying is second to nature. He would say and fabricate as he thinks he has the magic wand to convince. 0.0% economics growth come January 2021 was presented as 6.1 % against the fact published by IMF.

The dictatorial rule he has unleashed is the most democratic system the country had ever seen. So to come to my point, if anyone wanted to kill him as he claimed, why would the plotters explode the bomb distant away that it would not affect him?

This drama of killings and wrongly fingerprinting at others continued one after another. Even at the same place another nemesis of his, fell victim. ዘይወግሕ መሲልዋ ኣብቡኽራ ተሓርዕ::

The project manager he solemnly swear in front of El-Sisi not to complete to expectations, Semeghew Bekele was dealt with fatal below to his temple, in a cruel and coldblooded fashion. 

What is more painful is that this act of treason did not rock the Amharas elites that an innocent and patriotic Ethiopian was cold bloodily murdered but as good riddance, they were eagerly want to happen.

A lot more then followed. One too many killings! Coincidence? No! Still tolerable as far as it got rid of Tigrayans from the military and professional posts. 

The Amhara and only Amhara dictating and controlling the country is what Unitary Ethiopia means the rest is secondary. They work day and night that 80 ethnic people be squashed like sardines in a can dead and mutilated in Ethiopia that was and still is.

Abiy has no limit when he lies: he told his Amhara followers that no single person was killed in Tigrai by Neftegna (ነፍጠኛ)  force when we know cities were air bombed and artillery shelled.

Likewise, he made a fool of himself when he claimed no children, women, as that pregnant, some who gave birth on the trek, old persons run to seek refuge in the Sudan. He told the Amharas what they wanted to hear received applause. What he does not is that the world is not like the Amhara expansionists, they have a critical mind and they are not as expansionists as they are but seek the truth, and truth is coming out leaving the liar naked and the Amhara apologist buffoons! 

Help if can; was it Berdage General ዉይስ በርግዶ የጃጀ ካሳየ ጨመዳ who is now the star who is flashing the twilight in the dark tunnel? From the horse mouth, Afeworki Fitsum, former TPLF fighter who captured the disgraced former Derg general Kassyie Chemeda,  (heard on Tigrai Media House aired on 14/07/20) that the general’s head was pulled out from formicary, anthill, snuggled between dead bodies in the hope he would escape arrest unnoticed. He had enough time to cut off the spangles on his lapels and shoulders he had been masquerading with in the streets of Addis to flatter the public for his bovaristic self-interest.

The octogenarian undeserving general appeared on air with unpreceded dark coloured hair compared to what it was when he first appeared on 13/01/19 on another show. This suggests between then and now he has spent some of the money he has managed to siphoned off from the Unitarian (አሓዳውያን) to transplant and doctorate his hair with the hope he would look young and hold a post in the new government, (but I did see him amidst the raw of selfish generals addressed by Abiy Ahmed purportedly in Mekelle). You know the rest… help himself but as usual betray the cause he profess to defend, when the going gets tough.

His captors were magnanimous. They set him free and look after his family, all of whom have earned education and professions and live in peace. They seemed to be too much concerned and massage the injuries of the defeated. They redeveloped their towns and cities. They fostered their language and culture to flourish and yet again dominate others without ill feelings. For good or bad, they shared power and run their own regional affairs. And yet, they are not satisfied. Even if the EPRDF laid a red carpet for them to walk on, pave the roads with glittering gold, they will not be happy, because they have not done it themselves. But, centuries have passed let alone for others they have not done it for themselves, they were good at building steatopygia.

On the contrary when they had the means and power, people the likes of the general terrorized and murdered not only those who hold arms and fought against but innocent bystanders. As if that is not enough, he reappears and preach for war. What you call such a person? A Coward ጋኔን! What do call those who entertain and embraced such a myth maniac crepehanger? ጎብለልቲ ኣሐዳውያን at the edge of a cliff unable to see what is awaiting their destructive belief that will no more come to life: a remora that devours the blood of serfs. What do you expect in a country where 99.9 % of the generals and high-ranking military officials were from the ruling class with the exception of one Eritrean general Aman Andom who did not last long? The air force, ground force and mechanized elites were one and one the same and exacted brutal punishments on people they regarded as second class here to serve their one need and one nation.

Look at this ultracrepiderian senile, he calls Jewar Mohamed ዲቃላ! For a start who is ካሳየ ጨሙዳ ? Who is Abiy Ahmed? However, you cannot help but observe that Unitarian (አሓዳውያን) does not only means one language, one culture, one zone flag but also one ethnic blood. These are the people at the helm of power for hundreds of years who pulverized our existence and yet call us people who dwell and forge from the rocks! I am not going to suggest what this ቅሌታም ሽማግሌ need have to. 

The other person involved in such a scheme of destruction has been doing the same thing for well over 50 years. It has now become part of his personality trait that he couldn’t live without doing the same old ugly things he has been used to doing in the ridges and terrains of Eritrea as a matter of killing orgy.

He fought for 30 years claiming the cause for independence; now he is fighting back to reverse what he fought for in the first place – to be part of Ethiopia except he wanted to be on the driving seat to control events!

No sooner had he marched in to Asmera as a liberator he demolished the statue and residence, kept as a museum, of Ras Alula Aba Nega, the Tigrayan Lion, embalms of pride and confidences. He did this as a revenge to the execution of his great great grandfather Ras Hagos who kept looking down upon Ras Alula as a son of a downtrodden peasant, who deserved no respect of nobility, such was his. 

Besides Ras Hagos was in the pay role of the Italian government. After Menelik betrayed Ethiopia by not driving out the Italians from Eritrea Ras Alula confined with Ras Hagos if together they could mobilize the Tigrayan forces and fight the Italians and drive them out from Eritrea all together without Menelik’s help.

What Ras Hagos did was unforgettable. He informed the Italians that Ras Alula was planning to attack them. That was the main cause of the two Tigrayan leaders going to war against each other.

Of purse in the end he paid the price for his arrogance and treason insulting the Lion of the North (ስሜን). A person with evil intensions will always perish but not until they also caused damage. Ras Hagos turned to accomplish what the Turkeys, Egyptians, Italians and Durbush/Sudanese were unable to do. He caused the death, a month after the battle, of the great field general Alula from a bullet wound, gangrene, he had suffered from to his leg, at age of 54.

Isaias has another grudge against Tigrayans. The TPLF did not allow him to exploit Ethiopia to his end. They did not allow him to print Nakefa and circulate in the rest of Ethiopia to amass the wealth he did not create.

He triggered war that eventually lost. The Amhara elites wanted him dead, the TPLF save his life, as they thought not only Isaias but also the Eritrean who fought for 30 years would lose their independence. What did he do in return; he connived with Amharas now to destroy Tigrayans and the nation!

These tergiversates may cause damages but they will not win in the end. For justice to prevail conspiracy and aggression will nosedive. Mark my word! No amount of talk by the wolves in sheep’s clothing ought not restrict our resolute. We will beat them and beat them hard, read my lips!

ኽንዕወት እና!!

IMF Repot: PM Abiy Ahmed’s lie; check to find out Ethiopia GDP growth for 2021 on page 32



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