A Camel Herder Turned a Trillionaire!


(By T K, 18 December 2020) –

Half a century ago
I remember when I was a child
Etched in my mind;
A long line of camels
Tied head to tail
Driven by a Bedouin
Head to face covered with cemedani,

With a little window for the eyes
The vastness in front to espy;
But with an intent to prevent
The lung from dust to pile.

Seldom did the nomad
Rest for fear of a quick sand
Or a haboob turning him to a feast.

All his life wandering
From place to place
He had never encountered
Green leaves or running water
Where he could rest to relieve his thrust.

But that was in the past!
In the same desert vast;
Where the sun blasts
Life made one hell aghast,
Nature broadcasted
That Petroleum magma began to gush
Alas! Sand dune awash!
That said, over a night turning the Bouduion;
To a trillionaire mavourneen;
Now his attention,
Everyone seeking to win.

As if, he has wiped out the past;
Forgotten his wide cracked feet;
Sand pebbles freely moved in and out,
He has now become a vile corrupt
Religiously and morally bankrupt
He is engaged in the habit

Of bombing vulnerable in cahoots
With those intent,
To rule the world with iron fist!

What a conundrum, what a twist
A Bedouin is now become a wild West beast
Devouring Las Vegas’s feasts:
An antithesis
Of his quondam practice

If Tekeze (ተከዘ) Dam
Is a nickel and dime
They destroyed it at will
What more a zeal
Do I have to show?
About Pretoria or Brazil?

Conundrum say it again Conundrum
Isaysas’s army turned against Eritrean martyrs hanged in rows







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