Sudan deploys troops in two additional border areas with Ethiopia

Ethiopia Sudan

(Source: Sudan Tribune, 21 December 2020, GADAREF) –

Al-Burhan during a visit to the Sudanese troops on the eastern Sudan border after an attack by Ethiopian troops on 8 April 2020 (ST photo)

The Sudanese army retook control of new border areas from Ethiopian Amhara militias, as the head of the Sovereign Council returned to Khartoum after spending three days with his troops.

Ethiopian troops ambushed a Sudanese force patrolling the border area killing an officer and three soldiers on the evening of 15 December.

Following the attack, the Sudanese troop were massed across the Ethiopian border and al-Burhan announced from Gadaref his readiness to defend the country against any attack.

Military sources told Sudan Tribune that heavily-armed ground troops including the Rapid Support Forces were dispatched to eastern Sudan border with Ethiopia.

During his three-day stay in the headquarters of the eastern command in Gadaref, al-Burhan personally oversaw the troops’ deployment operations.

After his return on Saturday, the army chief of staff, and his aides for operations and supply remain in Gadaref to follow up the ongoing operations.

Unconfirmed reports say clashes occurred Saturday between the two sides and some injured soldiers were transported to Gadaref hospital.

The Ethiopian army and Amhara militiamen are angered by the deployment of the Sudanese army on the border areas. Their presence on the border hampered the military operations through the Sudanese territory against the TPLF.

Some Ethiopian lawmakers went to accuse the Sudanese army of backing the Tigrayian rebels, three days before the attacks on the Sudanese forces.

However, the Ethiopian government media avoids reporting about the clashes with the Sudanese army.

On the other hand, the official Sudan News Agency reported on Friday that the Ethiopian seasonal workers started to arrive at the Galabat crossing point.

The Sudanese authorities authorized to issue 100,000 visas for Ethiopian workers during the harvest season.

With regard to the Ethiopian who flee the fighting in the restive Tigray region, the Sudanese humanitarian authorities said that the number of refugees who crossed into Sudan has reached 54,526 refugees.

Also, the daily humanitarian report released on Saturday said that the total of refugees transferred to Um Rakuba camp reached 20,437 people.

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