Those…….But the Cowards, Including ወዲ በራድ!


(By T K, 23 December 2020) –

Those…….But the Cowards, Including ወዲ በራድ!

Those who talk less and keep most – trust,
They have your interest at heart
And will defend you with the last
Drop of their blood!

Fear those who mercilessly expose their weakness
For they have other sides to them untold – their strengths
In your defense it will travel any length!

Awesome are those who ask for forgiveness
Before they tell what they have been wronged with
They are steeled with truth.

Fear those who walk at the forefront;
Take no comfort with the words
Of strepitous,
They are vainglorious
Kayoodling empty promises:-
Pretend to fight and defend your spot:
Protect and shield that you have got:-
But they never had the courage nor the thought;
For they are upright not;
But Self-centred idiots!!

Beware! You will be caught;
As a victim to a web of lies, they plot
Ultimately leading you to the grave, with an inevitable gunshot;
In an internecine they foment,
For you to tout and trot!

A delusion they peddle
That you gullibly nestle
At long last when your fantasies whittle;
Never would they be seen
Or would they be keen
To present themselves at the trying scene.

It is time to open your eyes
With reality you need not wrestle

What follows onwards;
Once you succumbed to the sword
Of the day, of the lord
Your loved one’s will be left with the cowards;
Your sacrifice gone, no reward;
Your abode left wide open,
What is left preyed upon
By a schlockmeister, as a pawn;
In an exchange for an expansionist relics forgone;
You ought to have saluted as bygone!

Time to call it off once for all
The Amhara beck and call
compelling to what you’r told –
In a land grabbing brawl;
As if it is a soccer ball!

An Addiction in a downward spiral,
The Amhara can’t help control;
A temptation of a demijohn
Filled with alcohol,
As lanky ወዲ በራድ, a fool,
Would grope wherever
His hands happen to fall!


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