I decline; This country is mine!


(By Y H, 25 December 2020) –

I decline;
This country is mine!

Never again would
Have to weep and loudly cry
Even if t try
I have no more tears
Even if I try
My glands are dry!

Never again would I
Have to feel sad
I lost everything I had!

Never would I
Allow this chigoe parasite
Devour my inside!

Never again would I
Have to trust
The traitors and foreign spies
They stabbed me on the spine
As I offered them a stein
Filled with wine!

Never again would I
Call mine, this country
That gloats over my misery
With glee!
As I struggle to clear the backlog
Left unattended a century long.

Never again would I
Break my sweat
To help this country stand on its feet
It offers me a second class seat
And treats me as alien subject
With no rights!

Never again would I
Sleep in peace in Ethiopia,
Isopolity phobia;
A monomaniac dystopia;
With an anastrophe vision defects of nyctalopia and hemeralopia
Where A ሻንቅላ ባርያ is a Pariah
With impunity sold as a kettle to Arabia!
I decline,
To call this country mine!

Never again would I
Have to trust the world powers
East or west, they are predators;
Raptors but unlike raptors
They lack the distance vision
Unable to see a virus
Close to their noses
They Hoover all over the universe
In search of outer place
To create a new base
Only to do what they have to the Earth –
A mess!!



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