Update Ethiopia Crisis: Abiy Ahmed and Isaias Afeworki campaign of terror, indiscriminate air and artillery bombardments, looting, ethnic cleansing, genocide and gross human rights abuses in Tigray

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(By Mekete Tigray UK, updated 26 December 2020) –

The ethnic violence in Ethiopia has spread to the western state of Benishangul-Gumuz. On 25 December 2020, Reuters reported that “the massacres of targeted attack on civilians occurred in the village of Bekoji, Metekel zone, in Benishangul-Gumuz regional state of Ethiopia. The death toll of civilians has now risen to 222 people, a volunteer from the country’s Red Cross told Reuters on Friday. The state-appointed Ethiopian Human Rights Commission initially estimated more than 100 people had been killed.”

“Yesterday we buried 207 people who are the victims and 15 more from the attackers,” said the volunteer, Melese Mesfin. “More than 40,000 people fled their homes due to the fighting, Bulen county spokesman Kassahun Addisu said. He said the county had buried 207 people.”

On Wednesday, 23 Devemebr 2020, an eyewitness stated “there were up to an identified 500 gunmen burning of houses and displaced many people in the area. Local medics reported treating victims with gunshot wounds.”

The massacres of civilians should be condemned unequivocally. The Abiy government and Amhara expansionists hatred and blame game propaganda is contributing to the ethnic violence and loss of lives in every region in Ethiopia.

On 24 December 2020, the ENDF and Eritrean troops had deliberately burnt a technical college in Edaga Arbi and a secondary school in Mai Kenetal. The vindictive looting and destruction of the industrial infrastructure, schools, churches, and universties in Tigray including Almeda Textile Plc in Adwa were destroyed by Eritrean and Ethiopian forces.

On the other hand, the Ethiopian government have seized all Endowment Fund for Rehabilitation of Tigray (EFFORT) companies. They are now controlled by the Ministry of Finance. The Federal Attorney General has announced the establishment of the Effort Corporate Group – Board of Trustees.

Abiy’s “law enforcement operation” has tuned to looting and destruction of industrial infrastructure in Tigray and transfer them to Amhara region. The Sur Construction PLC asset, for example, was dismantled by ENDF and Transported to Amhara via Sekota.

On 20 Decemebr 2020,  EEPA reported that “Eritrean soldiers killed approximately 150 civilians including a priest, children and women seeking refuge in Marieam Dengelat church, located 4 km to the west of Edaga Hamus near Adigrat. The town and some rural villages (Maimegelta, Dengelat, Tsa’a and Hangoda) are under the control of Eritrean forces. The military is slaughtering the animals. People are starving to death.”

A Major General has officially confirmed on state ETV that Eritrean soldiers have been fighting alongside with the Ethiopian Nation Defence Forces (ENDF) in Tigray. The Major General said, how “ENDF Army from Dansha and Eritrean Army that came from Tokombiya, Eritrea planned to control Shiraro”. (Watch the Major General on his own words at Tiezibti Tekle Twitter page https://twitter.com/tiezibti/status/1336817551205048322).

The video below highlights about the ENDF and Eritrean Army joint invasion of Tigray through Zalambessa. Residents of Zalambessa have recorded their testimonies about the horrific civilian massacres including 5 children from the same household and gross human rights abuses that has been committed by the Federal Forces (ENDF) and Eritrean Army.

Prime Minister Abiy has lied to the UN Secretary-General António Guterres, the African Union, the EU and the world while he made a pact with President Isaias Afeworki to invade Tigray resulting in civilian massacres and human rights abuses including rapes of women and young girls by Ethiopian Federal Forces, Eritrean soldiers and Amhara Special Forces and Militias.

The UN Secretary-General António Guterres has posted on Twitter about the misleading assurance and guarantees given to him by Prime Minter Abiy that “the Eritrean Troops have not entered Tigrayan Territory” (See the UN Secretary-General António Guterres Tweet right).

Abiy Ahmed and Isaias Afeworki

Tigray Defence Forces (TDF) TDF shot down another Mig-23 fighter jet around Shire and the pilot reportedly died. The ENDF has lost 6 fighter jets in total since the start of the war on 4th Novemebr 2020. Tigrayan Defense Forces (TDF) are bitterly fighting to remove the Federal Forces and Eritrean Army around in central, east, west and south Tigray. TDF have captured a large numbers of Federal and Eritrean soldiers at different battlefronts. There was no comment from Abiy’s government or the Ethiopians National Defence Forces (ENDF) on the fighter jets and military asset loses, and the TDF successful military incursion in central, east, west and southern Tigray.

The TDF battle to liberate Tigray from the invading Federal and Eritrean forces is fast moving and agile guerrilla insurgency. Ethiopia is now in a state of civil war and the battle for self-determination and ethnic federalism will be fought with tooth and nail until the unitarian and espansionists ideology is defeated to maintain the nations and nationalities self-rule.

Ethiopian and Eriterian Forces campaign of terror, indiscriminate air and artillery bombardments in Tigray Towns and Cities

The Abiy Ahmed’s and Isaias Afeworki’s  governments are continuing to inflict the untold sufferings on civilians beyond the engagement of war in Tigray. Abiy’s “law enforcement operation” is now turning into ethnic cleansing and gross human rights abuses including rape of women and youn girls in Tigray towns and cities. In Addition, the Eritrean Army rampaged through the Eritrean refugee camps in Tigray killing several refugees and involuntarily repatriated many Eritrean refugees to Eritrea.

Tigrayans in Addis Ababa and other part of the country have been facing a coordinated and blanket “ethnic profiling”, and dismissed from their jobs including in the civil service, banks and construction firms. The Abiy government has frozen Tigrayans banks accounts across the country, and confiscated their properties. Harassment of Tigrayan journalists and hate speech against Tigrayans is wide spread that is miliciouly carried out by Federal and Amhara regional governments, and aired by state and Amhara regional media organisations.

President SahelWork Zewde has awarded 300 million Birrs to Addis Ababa administration for helping to ethnically profiled of Tigrayans in Addis Ababa and to thank the Amhara regional administration for sending Amhara Special Forces and Militias to fight in Tigray. This monetary reward confirms that Tigrayans ethnic cleansing is Abiy government official policy which has been resulting in genocide, war crimes against humanity and gross human rights abuses in Tigray, Addis Ababa, Amhara region and all over Ethiopia against Tigrayans.

President Sahelwork action is designed to inspire Amhara nationalism to wipe out the entire Tigrayan population in Tigray and elsewhere in Ethiopia in order to revive Amhara unitary and supermacy government. The international community cannot be complicit to allow a state to mobilise its entire power with the help of Eritrean Army to annihilate the entire Tigrayan and Benishangul-Gumuz race. The UN must act now to stop the genocide, war crimes against humanity and gross human rights abuses in Tigray, Oromia, Welayta, Sidama, Hadiya, Gedeo, Konso, Kemant, Agew and Benishangul-Gumuz.  

Ethiopian Airlines ethnically profiled and sacked employees’ of Tigrayan origin (pilots, technicians, etc) from their jobs in support of Abiy’s government war in Tigray. The Airline has also been transporting soldiers and logistics in support of the war on Tigray by suspending some of its civilian flights. This is totally unacceptable for a public airline to take sides thereby supporting genocide and war crimes on the people of Tigray.

Similarly, the Bishop presiding over the Ethiopian Orthodox Tewahedo Church in Jerusalem, Abune Enbaqom joined the Abiy Government and the ultra-nationalist Amhara ruling cliques of ethnic cleansing, and dismissed five Tigrayan monks and one Gurage monk from the Monastery of Deir-es-Sultan, which is located on the roof of the Church of the Holy Sepulchre in Jerusalem, and the Monastery of Dabra Gannat Kidana Mehrat located in West Jerusalem. The involvement of the Amhara Orthodox Tewahedo Church leaders in ethnic cleansing has further ramifications to other ethnic monks serving the Ethiopian Orthodox Tewahedo Church.

Watch the video below to learn the plight of non-Amhara monks in Jerusalem

It is reported that His Holiness Abune Matthais, the Patriarch of Ethiopian Orthodox Tewahedo Church is under house arrest in Addis Ababa. Several Tigrayan of origin priests have been reportedly arrested by Abiy Administration. There are also campaigns by Amhara Orthodox Tewahedo church extremists to transfer the Ark of the Covenant from Aksum to Amhara region.

These concerted efforts show that the Amhara ultra-nationalists of the Ethiopian Orthodox Tewahedo Church leaders have been coordinating with Aby’s Administration to dismantle Tigrayan heritage in Jerusalem and in Tigray. The Amhara Orthodox Tewahedo church leaders’ role of Tigrayans ethnic cleansing and coercing to take over or dismantle Tigrayan heritage could have irreversible Amhara-Tigray coexistence that could inspires ethnic Amhara religious ultra-nationalism civil war against Tigrayans and other ethnic groups in Ethiopia.

Universities, schools, hospitals, private and public factories, infrastructure are being bombed since the war began. Civilians are subjected to ex-judicial killings and rape by Amhara special forces and militias and Eritrean Army whilst the ENDF army standing and watching. Indiscriminate air and artillery bombardments in Wukro and Mekele have killed thousands of civilians, and nearly 44,000 Tigrayans are now forced to leave their home and fled to Sudan.

Mekele residents block roads to resist looting by Eritrean troops and Amhara milita

Destruction and Looting of public and private properties have become another tool of war engagement by the Ethiopian and Eritrean governments. Reports from different sources have confirmed looting in Tigray in a colossal scale that never seen before and taken to Eritrea and Amhara region. 0n 29 Novemebr 2020, Eritreahub.org reported that President Isaias Afeworki has mobilised thousands of Eritrean citizens to participate in looting all assets including military and industrial equipment, warehouses, private and public properties in Adigrat, Aksum and Adwa whilst Ethiopian army watching. Likewise, Twitter users twitted that the Amhara Special Forces and Militias and civilians have been looting Tigrayan properties from districts of western Tigray. The Amhara regional government is also conducting  acampaign of Tigrayan ethnic cleansing and harassment by ordering Tigyayans to leave from the districts of Tsegede, Walkait and Kafta Humera in western Tigray. 

Massacres in Maikadera, Humera and across in Western Tigray by Amhara Militias whilst the districts are controlled by Ethiopian National Defence Forces (ENDF)

On Sunday, 29 November 2020, the Ethiopian state (ETV) announced that 70 graves, some individual and some containing multiple bodies, were found in Humera in Tigray. It is time, for the UN, EU and African Union to take the war crime against humanity and genocide in Tigray seriously. The UN must establish an independent body urgently led by the UN Human Rights to investigate the massacres in Maikadera, Humera and the war crime against humanity and genocide in Tigray.

Abiy Ahmed assured Parliament on Monday, 30 November 2020 that “the army would not destroy Mekele, capital of Tigray, after announcing its capture yesterday 05 November 2020”. Abiy carried on to say: “Every target has been signed and approved. The House [parliament] can see that. Every missile launched is backed by a signature of authority,” Abiy told lawmakers. “Ninety-nine percent of them hit their targets and 99 percent of them didn’t have collateral damage. No country’s army can show this level of performance. Our army is disciplined and victorious. “They said you will destroy Mekele and so on. Mekele is ours. It was built with our resources, we are not going to destroy it. Not even a single person was affected by the operation.”

Civilians casulities by Ethiopian Army, Eritrean Army and Amhara Special forces indiscriminate air and artillery bombardments in Wukro and Mekele

To the contrary of Abiy’s false statement to the Parliament, The ENDF, Eritrean Army and Amhara Special Forces and Militias are not disciplined as claimed by PM Abiy Ahmed. The ENDF and Eritrean Army, supported by Amhara Special Forces and Militias, have been distroying Humera, Sheraro, Shire, Aksum, Adwa, Adigrat, Alamata, Edaga Hamus, Sinkata, Wukro, and are still shelling Mekele and its surroundings indiscriminately resulting in many civilians including children, women and the elderly to have been killed and wounded. Evidently, an ENDF soldier has revealed in audio recording below that “orders were given to us to kill including unarmed and non-combatant civilians” with impunity and carried on to confess that “I myself killed 30 both armed and unarmed civilians”.

Tigrayans are telling their stories and the atrocities they have witnessed around their areas. Rresidents of Shire, Adigrat, Mekele and Wukro have rejected and challenged Abiy’s government appointed PP officials narrative of lies and misinformation who denied the destruction and looting of public and private properties by ENDF, Eritrean troops and Amhara Militias to what happened in their cities in their public meetings.

The communications blackout imposed by Abiy government with tight restrictions on access to Tigray made it difficult to report the atrocities committed in Tigray. Nonetheless, The true scale of killings of civilians, destruction and looting of  public and private properties has now started to emerge by a independent foreign Dutch journalist including eye witness from Shire on the record by the Ethiopian state ETV, in the refugee camps in Sudan and other sources (see the videos below).

Ethiopian warplanes & UAE drones bombed residential neighbourhoods in the town of Worqi Imba, Central Tigray. 86 Tigrayan civilians are massacred instantly.

An independent investigation, led by the UN Human Rights and ICC into the massacres in MaiKadra, Zalambessa, Edaga Hamus, Shire, Wuko, Axmum, Humera, Hawzein, Adwa, Adigrat, Benishangul-Gumuz and other districts must take place to unearthed the dreadful genocide, war crimes and human rights abuses including rape of women and young girls, and looting and destruction of historical church artefacts, Negash mosque, factories, universities, schools, public infrastructure and people’s properties in Tigray which have been perpetrated by ENDF, Eritrean Army, Amhara Special Forces and Militias,.


This video posted below by a Belgian journalist apparently shows Tigrayans ethnic profiling in Addis Ababa, the atrocities in west tigray, an Eritrean tank loaded with looted Tigrayan goods in shire

The video belo shows history and the Amhara Orthodox Tewahedo church leaders’ role of Tigrayan ethnic cleansing and coercing to dismantle Tigrayan heritage in Jerusalem and Ethiopia

Watch the video below: Where does Ethiopia stand now in Tigray conflict? AlJazeera

Watch the facebook video below produced by a Belgian independent journalist in English about Abiy Gov’t genocide, war Crimes and gross human rights abuses including blocking humanitarian aid not to reach in all parts of Tigray

The Video below shows Shire residents meeting with ENDF Generals and Abiy gov’t appointed Chief Executive Dr Mulu Nega. Eritrea heavily involved in Tigray conflict and people are ‘Slaughtered like chickens’, say eyewitnesses.

The video below shows about the plight of Eritrean Refugees in Tigray

The Video below shows a ‘Terrified’ survivors recount attacks on civilians in Tigray | AFP

Watach the video below to learn the destruction of  Oil factory in Shire by Eritrean Troops

1958 High school exchange students: Brazil, Ethiopia, Italy, S. Africa. “How do you view Americans?” Yilam Tadesse, Ethiopian Ambassador to African Union preaching his Amhara supermacy

1957 High School Exchange. Ethiopia, Nigeria, Ghana, South Africa. Subject: Prejudice part 1 – Young Ethiopian from Amhara mixed up Ethiopian empire history, denied he is not black and Amhara are one of the lost tribe of Israel and advocating about South African should not take native black South African properties.

1959 High school exchange students – Ethiopia, Ghana, South Africa, Ceylon: Africa & Foreign aid – Young Ethiopian expalins the importance of education and foreign aid.


Listen to the Ethiopian National Defense Forces (ENDF) soldier audio interview about the war in Tigray – Afaan Oromo translation to Amharic and English below.

This audio was produced by Oromo Global Network

አንድ የሃገር መከላከያ ሠራዊት አባል 30 ያልታጠቁ ትግሬዎችን ገድያለሁ ይላል a member of ENDF says killed 30 unarmed civilians.

*** በትርጉም ሥራ ውስጥ ጥያቄዎች ሁሉ በጥያቄ ምልክት ተዘግተዋል። መልሶች ሁሉ በ4 ነጥብ ተዘግተዋል።

ወያኔ በእጅ አልያዘቻችሁም እንዴት ብላ ነው ገንዘብ ሊትዘርፋችሁ የቻለች?
ከበው ያዙን፣ ከበው ይዘውን ወታድር አረዱ።
አዎ በቢላዋ።
አሁን የት ነህ አንተ ትግራይ የት አካባቢ ነህ?
ባሕርዳር ነው ያለሁት አማራ ውስጥ። የቆሰሉትን ባሕርዳር ነው የሚወስዱት?
አዎ ወደ 6000 ሰው ነው ከኔ ጋር ያለው።
የቆሰሉ ማለት ነው?
እጁ የተቆረጠ ዓይኑ የጠፋ።
እነዚህ አንተ ከነበርክበት ክፍል የቆሰሉ ናቸው እንጂ ሌሎችም ክፍሎች በኃይል ተመተዋል ይባላል እውነት ነው?
አዎ ትግራይ በየሄድከበት ሬሳ ብቻ ነው።
ሬሳ ብቻ? ያለቀ የሕዝብ ብዛት ይህ ነው ተብሎ አይታወቅም ማለት ነዋ?
አዎ ብዙ ሰው አልቋል።
ቆይ የቆሰሉትን ባሕርዳር ይወስዳሉ፣ የሞቱትንስ እዝያው ትግራይ ጥለው ነው የሚሄዱት?
የሞቱትን ትንሽ ቆፈር አድርገው ቀብረው ያልፋሉ።
ይህ በብዛት ህዶ እየተዋጋ ያለ ጦር ኦሮሞ ነው ወይንስ ያለህ መረጃ ምንድን ነው የአማራ ታጣቂዎችን ትተው ኦሮሞ ብቻ እየላኩ ነው ይባላል እውነት ነው ምን ያህል እውነት ነው?
ውሸት ነው እሱ ውሸት ነው።
እኩል ነው ማለት ነው፣ ሁሉም የታጠቀ ኃይል ህዶ እየተዋጋ ነው?
አማራና ኦሮሞ አንድ ላይ ናቸው። ወንድማሞች ናችሁ ማለት ነው በስልጠናችሁ መሠረት?
አዎ ወንድማሞች ነን፣ ትግሬዎች ናቸው የተነሱብን። እሺ ትግሬ ብቻ ነው እንጂ እናንተ አንድ ናችሁ ማለት ነው፣
ሌሎችስ ብሔርና ብሔረሰቦች ከናንተ ጋር አሉ?
አማራ፣ ኦሮሞ፣ ወላይታ፣ በኒሻንጉል፣ አፋር፣ ሶማሌ።
ሙሉ ብሔርና ብሄረሰቦች የሉማ ከነዚህ ከቆጠርካቸው ውጪ? ሌሎች በጥዪት አልቀዋል። በብዛት ግን ያሉ አማራና ኦሮሞ ናቸው?
አዎ አንደኛ በብዛት ኦሮሞ ነው፣ ቀጥሎ አማራ ነው።
ኦሮሞ ይበዛል ማለት ነው?
አዎ እንዳለ ኦሮሞ ነው።
ትግራይ ለውግያ ስይሄዱ፣ በፈቃደኝነት ነው ወይንስ የግዳጅ ስልጠና ተሰቷችሁ ነው?
ለሃገር ነዋ፣
ለሃገር እነሱ መከላከያን ሙሉ ገድለው አማራን ከኦሮሞ ጋር ሊያጋጩ ነበር? ዓላማቸው እንደዚያ ነው አሉ?
እንደዚያ አሉ፣ አልሰማህም እንዴ ከሚድያ? ። ሚድያ እናያለን ግን እንደምታውቅ የተለያዩ ሚድያዎች ናቸው ያሉት የተለያዩ ዜናዎችን እንሰማለን የትኛው እውነት የትኛው ውሸት እንደሆነ ልናውቅ አልቻልንም። የአማርኛ ሚድያ ፋና ማለት ነው።
እሱን ነው እናንተ የሚታዳምጡት?
ዋልታ ፋና በአማርኛና በአፋን ኦሮሞ በደምብ ያስተላልፋሉ። ሚድያም እየተከታተላችሁ ነው የምትዋጉት ማለት ነው፣
መቼ ነው አንተ ቆስለህ የተመለስክ? የኦሮሞ ጄነራል አላየህም መግለጫ ሲሰጥ?
አዎ አይቻለሁ። (እዚህ ጋር መተጎም አልቻልኩም የተወሰነ ላልፍ ነው።) የኦሮሚያ ሃብት ሁሉ ትግራይ ውስጥ ነው ያለው። የኦሮሚያ ሳይሆን ሃገሪቷንም እነሱ ነበሩ ሲያስተዳድሩ የነበሩ፣ የጦር መሣሪያዎች ድሮውንም እዚያ ነበ። አሁን የትግራይን አስፋልት ብታይ ሃረርጌና አማራ ክልል ያለውን ብታስተያይ ማለት ነው።
እሺ? የሻብያ ታንኮች እንዴት እንደሚሽከረከሩበት። ሻብያም ሄዳችሁ ነበር?
አዎ መሣሪያ ወሰዱብን እየተዋጋን እየተዋጋን መሳሪያ መቀማት ጀመሩ።
ከሻብያ ጋርም ተጣላችሁ? ለምን ትጣላላችሁ አብይና ኢሳያስ አብረው ናቸው?
ወደዝያ ሸሽተን ነው።
ትግራይ አባሯችሁ ነው ኤርትራ የገባችሁ?
አንዳንዱን አፍነው ወሰዱ አንዳንዶቻችንን ደግሞ ገደሉ፣ 6 ሰዓት ላይ ተኝተን እያለን ቶክስ ከፈቱብን 55 መኪና ነበርን።
እናንተ ሳታውቁ መተው ከበቧችሁ?
ከበቡን አዎ። መቀሌን ይዘናል እያሉ ናቸው፣ እንደ አንድ በቦታው የነበረ ተዋጊ የትኛው ጦር ነው ብዙ ሰው ያለቀበት?
ሕጻንት ሁሉ ነው ሲገድሉ የነበሩት፣
መከላከያ ነው ሕጻናትን የሚገድል?
አዎ ሕጻናት ሴቶች አሮጊት ሽማግሌ የለም።
እናንተ ወደ ትግራይ የዘመታችሁ ሰዎች መሣሪያ ያልያዘም ቢሆን ትግሬ ከሆነ ትገድላላችሁ ማለት ነው?
እኔ ራሲ 30 ሰው ነው የገደልኩት።

This is an English translation of the secretly recoded audio that was released on our YouTube Channel this translation was done to the best of my language knowledge and ability to clearly hear the audio. All questions are marked with question marks, all answers are either with full stop or non.
TPLF didn’t capture you how did they manage to take your money?
They surrounded us and slaughtered soldier.
with knife?
yes with knife.
Where are you now in what part of Tigray are you?
I am in Bahr Dar in Amhara region.
so the wounded ones are taken to Bahr Dar?
Yes about 6000 wounded Soldiers are here
Wounded ones?
Those who lost arms and eyesight
So these are wounded soldiers from your unit, it has been said that other units too were badly hit is that right?
That’s right, everywhere you go in Tigray there’s human body.
Everywhere human body? so numbers of causalities is not correctly known?
Yes a lot of people have been killed
Wait a minute, the wounded are taken to Bahr Dar, what about the ones who are killed? they just leave them in Tigray?
They bury the dead in a shallow graves
Who are the majority fighters? it has been said that Oromo is the largest number fighting against TPLF, what information do you have on this?
That’s not true
So all the armed force is equally participating? Are Oromo members of the ENDF with Amhara? and you two are brothers in arms in accordance with your training doctrine?
Yes we are bothers in arms, except the Tigrians who betrayed us.
Ok so beside the Tigrians you are all together, what about the other nations and nationalities? are they too with you guys?
Oromo, Amhara, Wolayta, Benishangul, Afar, and Somali.
Beside those whom you just mentioned other nations and nationalities are not with you?
Others are killed with bullets.
So the majority are Amharas and Oromos? Oromo’s number is higher?
Yes the whole thing is Oromo
Did you guys volunteered to deploy and fight in Tigray or you are specifically trained for it and forced in to it?
It’s for the country, they killed the whole NDF and try to create chaos between Amhara and Oromo.
Was that what they (TPLF) intended to do? Yes they said that, haven’t you heard from the media?
We follow the media, there are different medias we hear different news but we couldn’t figure out which news is telling the truth and which one is lying.
Amharic media such as FANA
You guys listen to that? [FANA]
WALTA and FANA both clearly transmit in Amharic and Afaan Oromo
You guys follow the media and fight at the same time, when did you get wounded and medically evacuated? Didn’t you see when the Oromo General was giving media briefing?
Yes I saw him
“The entire Oromo resource is in Tigray” (The Soldier said)
It’s not just Oromia, they were ruling the whole country, and the weapons were always there.
Now if you see roads in Tigray and compare them to those in Hararge [Oromia] and the Amhara region.
Ok. How the Eritrean tanks flay over those roads.You guys went to Eritrea too?
Yes, they took our weapons, while we were fighting they start stealing our weapons.
You guys fought with EPLF? Why would you two fight Isayas and Abiy are together?
We flee toward Eritrea
Did Tigray chased you to Eritrea?
Some of us were kidnapped, and some were killed, mid night, we were sleeping, when they opened fire on us, there were 55 vehicles.
They came and surrounded you without your knowledge?
Yes they surrounded us.
They are saying that they have captured Mekele, as someone who was at the battle field, which force lost the most Soldiers? (ENDF or TNF)
They were killing even infants.
Was it the national defense force killing infants?
Yes infants, women, elderly…..
Those of you who are deployed to Tigray, do you kill the unarmed once too for just being Tigrian?
I myself killed 30
Are those whom you have killed armed or unarmed?
I killed both armed and unarmed
Were you ordered to kill everything you see or you were killing voluntarily?
Yes orders were given to us [to kill including unarmed non combatant civilians]
Were you told not to pass a Tigrian with a gun? [were you told to kill all Tigrians]
Yes we were told to kill the mentally ill, old women and so on.
Have you suffered severe wound?
No my wound is on my hand, I am recovering and going back to war.
Are you going back to war?
Now this is voluntary not for the freedom of the nation.
Yes I don’t mind to go and die there.
Are you a member of the Oromia police force or national defense force?
I am a member of the national defense force
Is the Oromia Police force too in the war? Why would the police go to war?
You mean police doesn’t fight?
Does it look like a neighborhood war to you?
AT LEAST THE LAST MINUTE AND HALF WAS NOT TRANSLATED DUE TO LACK OF CLEARITY IN THE AUDIO. Please refer to our YouTube Chanel for the full audio content and its Amharic version of translation under the video on our channel. https://youtu.be/KPAA-KZW4GU

***የዚህ ድምጽ የአማርኛ ትርጉም እንደሚከተለው ይሆናል (English translation of this audio has just been added below the Amharic translation, please use the link below the Amharic translation to access the English version. https://www.facebook.com/AbiyMustFaceICC/posts/198274718521369?__tn__=K-R




3 thoughts on “Update Ethiopia Crisis: Abiy Ahmed and Isaias Afeworki campaign of terror, indiscriminate air and artillery bombardments, looting, ethnic cleansing, genocide and gross human rights abuses in Tigray

  1. GODA – FROM MANUFACTURING TO BURIAL PLACE by evil Abiy and Isaias soldiers.
    As you know the word GODA comes from place Hotsa goda. Located at the heart of Tigray Eastern zone and one of the most gifted areas surrounded by an unlimited source of minerals. Yet chosen by world investors to install the largest glass and bottle manufacture plant in the country and became under construction with hundreds of employees and was almost ready to make its grand opening. The evil Abiy and Isaias soldiers destroyed and looted the machineries.

    They kidnapped young men and kept them hostage from their homes. They used them as slaves for several days then murdered them in cold blood by mutilating their bodies, then proceeded to watch their innocent lives be stripped away from us.

    What kind of evil could do such a thing? Family members of the victims waiting for their loved ones to come home, but it never happened. They were indicated through vultures hovering over the bodies of 17 people from a far away distance. The vultures eating their bodies as breakfast, lunch, and dinner for several days.

    The families became hopeless that their loved ones were alive, they begged the soldiers for answer if they were alive or not. As they moved closer to the massacre scene, the odor got stronger. It was very difficult to identify their loved ones left over from vultures and coyotes.

    Families not being able to locate the bodies as one whole due to extreme mutilation. They created a mass grave under Goda manufacturing. Who can do this? Only 2 person can be held accountable for this crime, Abiy and Isaias. They need to be put away and we need justice for the ones we’ve lost. As Tegaru, WE WILL RISE.

  2. I have no words to express the atrocities committed on our people, who have never been in political arena nor benefit the socalled amhara wealth or riches. I am becoming very emotional towards UNSC , UN, EU and other people whom we believe they have their fingers on nuclear button. Issuing letters, warnings and do some other stuffs that have nothing to do with immediate humanitarian assistance and termination of this war gainst civilians .

    You know, UNSC had so many failures in the past and they are repeating it ?? Our people are dying and they are still now on the wrong side of the history .

    Every minute people are dying from hunger and bullet. Tegarus, made Ethiopia the fastest growing country in Africa

    “Ethiopia is the fastest growing economy globally,” said Dr Peter Kagwanja, the president of Africa Policy Institute, a Nairobi-based geopolitical think tank.
    In 2000, Ethiopia, the second-most populous country in Africa, was the third-poorest country in the world. Its annual GDP per capita was only about $650.
    What has happened since is miraculous. According to IMF estimates, from 2000 to 2016, Ethiopia was the third-fastest growing country of 10 million or more people in the world, as measured by GDP per capita. The country’s poverty rate fell to 31% by 2011 (the latest year Ethiopia’s poverty level was assessed by the World Bank).
    Amhara elites with the support of foreign invaders are hell bent on destroying our land . However, we Tegarus gave our beloved ones as a sacrifice to emanicipate them from poverty and cannibals, derge regime.

    They chose derge , who was killing amhara, eritreans, and oromos, over us only and only due to our ethnic background.
    they are irrational animals.

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