Bomb Shower!


(By Y H, 27 December 2020) –

Bomb Shower!

I am taking a shower,
Mind you, it is with bomb pebbles,
Not water spurts,
Blood is shedding with dirt.
I will come out clean,
If you like a pert,
I will lure the lewd,
To his death bed!

I am taking a shower,
The foam I am covered,
Is not of soap but bullets,
Blood is shedding with dirt!
I will come out clean and perfect!

Whilst in the shower I took a sword,
To shave my beard.
But silly me instead,
I silted my throat,
From end to end!

Blood gushed out!
Surprise! Surprise, feel no doubt!
The chronic asthmatic bout
I have always been under threat,
Is now in retreat!

As I walk strong,
The enemy panicked,
And vanished into the fog;
With the quisling ወዲ በራድ all along!

I am taking a steam bath,
Not water vapour,
But with Napalm gas,
I will come out fresh,
And my breath will spit fire,
The enemy in front to expire!

I have been abducted,
Put in a dungeon,
With no food or water, abandoned
Ankle chained, goaded with a spear
Here and there, the body all over
I look like a blossoming rose flower,
I took root and spread,
Straight ramrod,
The guard in front,
Panicked and in retreat!

I am an enigma,
An emblem,
Endurance is my name,
Against all odds,
Tried and tested with glowing flame,
I will crash the hoodlums,
My rightful destiny to claim!



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