Amhara Expansionism in Sudan and Genocidal war in Tigray

Ethiopia Sudan

(By WS Asfaw, 28 December 2020) –

Many people are convinced that the objective of the atrocities of two fascist leaders, Abiy of Ethiopia, and Isaias of Eritrea, are committing a genocidal crime by fighting a war of aggression against the Tigray people. This uncalled-for war on innocent people is also a crusade perpetuating a gross violation of human and civil rights of Tigray’s whole people. It is not confined only to a breach of Tigray’s rights; it is a continuation of a widespread violation of all Ethiopian people’s basic dignity by the warmongers. Over one million soldiers of Abiy’s, 500,000, a well-trained army of Isaias’s, 300,000 the Amhara militias, including Special force, and Fano, as well as the rag-tag soldiers, make up of 200,000 in total had devastated Tigray at the time when people are vulnerable during harvest season and fighting a swarm of desert locust with bare hands when they were refused to deploy Drones sent by voluntary Tegaru living in Israel. Likewise, the unelected government in Addis refused to discharge the annual budget allocated to Tigray. The Abiy and Isaias governments have been plotting for such a crime ever since Abiy came to power through the help of foreign powers nearly three years ago. Isaias and Abiy were engaged in a “peace treaty” whose contents were still unknown only to the two fascist leaders. Their unholy alliance explains their engagement in a war of attrition on Tigray’s people as a premeditated and well-calculated act of terror. In essence, their “peace treaty” was a secret war treaty against the people of Tigray.

Pandora’s box of the Ethiopian state formation has burst wide open to show its irreconcilable divide. Wide cracks opened along national lines. The heeling session of the 27 years of EPRDF’s Federal arrangement worked economic miracles. However, it could not resolve the Amhara intellectual’s thirst for power nor the very idea of being equal with other fellow citizens. The one hundred and thirty years of absolute rule on other nations and nationalities created in almost every Amhara undisputed psychological impediment of being equal with the rest of the second-class citizens they created. Any other society, the Oromo, Somali, the Benishangul-Gumuz, Afar, in short, the rest non-Amharic speakers, are unequal in every measuring stick. The barrier of accepting equal partnership in the Empire State’s political economy, which they choose to maintain exclusively, was entrenched and reinforced by false cultural values from down to sunset and from birth to death. Most of the oppressed nationalities preferred the Federal arrangement while the minority Amhara (from the overall population) are deluded to want a unitary system. Throughout Ethiopia, the intra-national conflicts are, most if not all, created by the Amhara expansionists and adherents of unitarist policies. As a result, Ethiopia could not maintain its heyday era of Prime Minister Meles’s time. The Amhara elites and intellectuals, who are the soul losers of Ethiopia’s democratically constituted Federalism, have tried to break it up unless they make their cake and eat it. It was not economic growth nor the standard of living that worries them. The deeply entrenched view that Amhara must be at the pinnacle of power, even though they cannot learn from one Century of abysmal failure in all aspects of social changes. The Amhara ultimatum, which says, ‘either we rule, or nobody will,’ is costing the Ethiopian state its very existence. Hundreds of thousands of innocent lives all over the federal state have lost their life. It took three years to plan and execute the Federal Army, Isaias’s mercenary army, Amhara Special Commando army, militia, and Fano terrorists to create havoc. Sudan, Egypt, South Sudan, Kenya, Somalia, Djibouti have a stake in peaceful Ethiopia. In war, on the other hand, all will flex their muscle.

Such a devastating war on innocent civilians Abiy and Isaias has lit an uncontrollable wildfire, and it will eventually roost both. All nations were happy with regions practicing self-rule, except the Amhara elites and intellectuals, who missed Menelik’s unitary System of government. They tried through demonstrations, defiance, armed struggles, black mailing the EPRDF in general, but particularly the TPLF, while at the same time gaining financial support from foreign governments. Abiy, the oblivious, even labelled the 27 years of EPRDF’s years of stay as “The dark ages.” It is during his reign of that Ethiopia plunged into the worst periods of its time.

EPRDF did not sell Ethiopia’s sovereignty on the open market. It strived to pull Ethiopia from 130 years of rout into the 21st Century in three decades. It did succeed colourfully. Addis Ababa, the shantytown, has become a model city in thirty years. When Amhara leaders from Menelik, Haile Selassie, to Mengistu had kept the Ethiopian people in absolute medieval times, EPRDF truly opened the eyes of all nations and nationalities to look forward into the bright future. Millions of school-age children were in school learning, an exclusive domain of the Amhara in the previous regimes. From one university over many generations, during EPRDF “dark years,” more than fifty state-owned Universities are now opened. The progress in health, economy, and security was astronomical compared to the current gloom and doom era. What Abiy is good at is at the destruction what he has not built and giving false promises. Many self-motivated university graduates became job creators and innovative for society’s future dynamic development with state encouragement.

Now, ethnic persecution on Tegaru is continuing outside Tigray. There are over one hundred thousand Tegaru incarcerated in Addis and its surroundings waiting for their doomsday destinies. In the doorsteps of the Africa Union [AU], the Mayor of Addis Ababa is openly campaigning for finger-pointing on Tegaru in Addis Ababa to be arrested.

Ethiopians should naturally trust and rely upon the African Union to be more objective than the European, American, and other international organizations. Sadly, this is not happening. It is merely because of the African Union’s corrupt leadership of Mr. Moussa Faki Mahamat. Mr. Moussa Faki gave a blank check to the new fascist regime of Abiy to kill children, the young, and the old, under the cover of “Law and Order” measures against Tigray; consequently, leading to ravaged by genocide crimes as the latest tragedy of Africa. The proximity to Tigray is one-hour flight away from the Head Quarters of AU to Mekelle. One would have expected the AU to follow Ethiopia’s political progress better than any institution, an accurate assessment of the volatile conflict zone of the last three years and be forewarned. But the corrupt culture and kleptocratic addiction have blinded Mr. Mousa Faki not to see ‘the rivers of blood’ of tens of thousands of innocent people while slaughtered in broad daylight, barricaded from international news, with blocked telephone, no internet, no food, no medicine. They are yet to be rescued from the rain of bombs, showers of bullets from the marauding Isaias’s mercenaries of three hundred thousand soldiers freehand on looting and killing whomever they found on their way.  Fascist Abiy, the infantile kuli, had over five hundred thousand professional Federal murderers supported by UAE drones, special commandos, moreover armoured divisions. As we speak, two hundred thousand Amhara mad dogs are ravaging the western and south-eastern parts of Tigray, as if they are barbarians from the medieval times resurrected from hell. And the other sad story is Sudan: The war between Amhara and Sudan is but an extension of the expansionist policy of Amhara bandits who are supported by the Abiy regime to unsettle the country further. The border dispute between Sudan and Ethiopia is not new. It was simmering for years. What makes it strange is that the inept leadership in Addis Ababa prefers to opt-out and ignite war wherever and whenever their eyes settle instead of resolving minor issues through dialogue and peaceful means, opting for discussion!

Sudan now is facing a similar predicament to Tigray, where the Abiy national Défense force is joining hand to hand with their mercenary soldiers of Isaias Afeworki. Isaias is leading a failed state of Eritrea by all definitions. In the Sudan war, Eritreans are hiding behind the Ethiopian soldiers’ uniform. Thus, Isaias soldiers use convenient uniforms to match the occasion as they find it fit to hide if they could help it.  And when they are caught, they come with lies after lies to confuse when fighting their enemies. Isaias, as a merchant of war, is serving fascist Abiy to prolong his reign. He gets perks as well. His aging mercenary soldiers are gaining him a little money exposing themselves to mortal dangers, dead or alive. Isaias, his envious ego, pushes him hard for more bloody wars to compensate for his decades of failed leadership.

Sudan appears to fight against the Abiy supported Amhara militia and special forces who are causing maximum damage wherever they go. The Amhara soldiers are fighting against the Oromos in north Showa, where and the war becoming bloody. In east Ethiopia, Harar region, there is always a simmering tension. In the Afar bordering Amhara, there is sporadic fighting. The main areas where the expansionist Amhara “militia” is determined to secure land by confusing banditry and land grabbing expansionists to the day’s government are:

  • Welkait, Tsegede, and Raya’s fertile lands,
  • Oromo areas all along the two nations borders,
  • the Metehara, Wonji areas bordering Afar,
  • the Benishangul-Gumuz area bordering Gonder and Benshangul,
  • the Welkait, Tsegede, Raya historically Tigray areas, which do not border Amhara-Tigray, but falsely claim the land because our next-door neighbours are mainly Agew and Kemant nations and nationalities.
  • The Eastern Gedaref region, which is bordering Gonder and Sudan, are a few examples from the many.

The Sudan-Ethiopia Amhara region border is another hot spot where Amhara claims the land against a clear delineation and internationally demarcated marked boundaries. In any event, such international boundaries need to be settled by peaceful means and not war. Such border issues also need to be settled by independent international mediators to resolve the issue once and for good. Sudan has declared that the warmonger regime in Asmara, like a fly diving into a glass of milk, is involved. Sudan has caught 45 Eritrean soldiers siding with the Amhara pretending militias. It is understood, Isaias does not need to be invited to a war. He is a war addict; If he does not create it, his army will be the first to gate crash in the party no matter what. We believe an amicable solution to the border issue could be the lasting solution for the two peoples. The fascist regime of Abiy has been trying to intensify the crisis to involve the long-accepted bordering areas of Tigray in the new Sudan-Amhara militia equation. No doubt, the boundless hatred of the people of Tigray has gone beyond limits into perversion.


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