Those those who are actively engrossed: ግመል ሰሪቓ ጎምባሕ ጎምባሕ!


By Y H, 29 December 2020 –

Those who are actively engrossed;
Those who condone violence;
Those who stand by and witness;
Those who express apologetic excuses,
Those who deny the ugly truth,
And condone those who trespass
Innocent Tigrains to abuse
Operating with a dictator, blessed they are in cahoots;

They have no right place
On this Earth
To claim what they denied others,
For themselves.

They are culpable
Lending hands to the crime evils;
They know no such thing as freedom
Despite the fact they hum and drum;
And lecture us in abundance;
What means;
As they themselves have endured the mayhem;
And gone through to claim!

It is water under the bridge
Gallant martyrs considered midges!!

ግመል ሰሪቓ
ጎምባሕ ጎምባሕ
ተሽፊንካ ኻቦት ተንኮቨት
ፅባሕ ፅባሕ
ጎምባሕ ጎንባሕ
ፈቆዶ መረበት
ፈሰስ ኽትእክብ ካብሱዱዳት
ገሊእዖም ኹሊቶም ጥቡሓት
ንኽእደሉ ታሴራ ወረቀት
ወዲ በራድ ክሳዕ አፍንጭዑ ኽዕጠቅ ብረት
ትግራይ ክድምሰስ ከምዘይነቨረት::

ድሕሪ ሳላሳ ዓመት
ኣክንዲ ናይባዕልኻ እድግት
ስርቂ ናይ ናይ ተጋሩ ንብረት
ጉደኛታት ዘይትፈልጡ ሕፍረት::

ጃህራ ቀደድ ቀደድ
ዘይወጺዕ ዓቕቨት
አነ ጥራሕ እየ ኤርትራዊ ወደባት
ከምዘሎ ኻሊእ ፍጥረት
ዓዲ ዘይብሉ አብዛ መሬት::

Claim of innocence of looting based on allegedly Eirsat’s telephone conversation with an Eritrean living in Addis Ababa, who claimed to know everything that took place in Mekelle and including that in the Tigray Refugee camps. A YouTube was played and displayed on only for few hours, then removed, For reason no one knows, at least I!


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