Are Eritreans Considered Dead & Buried?


(By Y H, 31 December 2020) –

Are Eritreans as people
Dead and buried?
ወዲ በራድ phony government
Hasn’t event told them for a single minute
Through its media outlets,
His salience and lies
That 90% of its state army is at war
Against Its neighbour Tigray!
What an insult, a disrespect
Only to bury their heads;
And endure such a brute
Instead of kicking his boots!

we will protest until the enemies
Are checked,
until they are defeated,
our freedom is respected
And our rights are reinstated!

We will protest and fight until the looting,
By vagabonds is halted;
By those in love with bric a braces,
But cannot make their own
Only envious of those with hands and brain gifted!

We will protest and fight,
until the blood of the innocents,
Murdered and slaughtered,
Gets the deserved justice;
To maintain the sanity of those affected,
Left behind to pick up the pieces
To lead their remaining lives in peace!

We will protest until the fence sitters,
Sanctimoniously Pretend as fare arbitrators,
Are told what they are -self serving cowards;
Doomsday gate keepers,
No better than the fat pigs they look after;
To cumulate steatopygic morass
On their bellies and buttocks;
They could hardly carry to stand straight;
Crepehangers who brought
The world to a near disaster!

We will protest until Black skin matters,
It is as good as a white skin,
If not shiner!
A stalwart,
To the detriment of its survival,
With sweats racked and blood shed
For white race to lead a snazzy lifestyle;
They have taken for granted:
And skyscraper roofs over their heads!


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