Abiy Ahmed is an outright liar!


(Source: T K, 03 January 2021) –

I leave the usual fibs he tells the public on daily bases and concentrate on the incontrovertible lies he told the world at large, so that anyone, anywhere who deals with this pathological lies need to carful with whom one is dealing with before one is taken for a ride.

When he addressed the Tigrayans in Mekelle sometime in June 2018, to hoodwink and ingeniously pleased them, he said standing on the podium, “Tigray is the hub of what is Ethiopianism, without Tigray, Ethiopia is like a car without an engine”. At last he thought he had rubbed their hearts to sleep! And sure enough, everyone in the auditorium stood and applauded for three minutes nonstop!

But Abiy had already entered into a pack with Isayas few months earlier with an intent to destroy and wipe out  Tigray, the way he now has conducted his war; no need to go in to details how, when and where the operation was/is conducted! This is lie number one.

In October 2019, he addresses the by then expired Parliament that “Ethiopia’s economic growth was 6.9 and would be 6.1 in 2021. He said this when already IMF Report was published and out in circulation to the public, which clearly tabled that Ethiopia’s growth was 1.9 in 2020 and predicted to be 0.00 in 2021. This is lie number two!

Again in October 2020 to the same expired parliament, he briefed them stating that all the displaced refugees, after his military aggression of Tigray, in the Sudan were adults with no single underage or a child, never mind if the women including pregnant, disabled and old people. However, International organizations and reporters pointed otherwise. 45% were underage; together with old and women the number raised to 87%. This is lie number three!

Abiy Ahmed told his parliament in a televised statement that in the war he instigated not a single civilian, man, women, young, old and/or a child was killed or maimed. The  world has come  now to know over 10000 innocent civilians were killed by air and ground bombardments which includes outright  murders, leave aside  the raping and lootings conducted by his and the  mercenary Isayas’s soldiers. A bird’s eye view, where such killings took for anyone to see the locations on the map is attached below. Likewise he made a concerted effort to deceive the world of his for crime of genocide ( Well over 700 innocent young and old brutally  killed, hacked to death with machetes), through the Ethiopian Human Rights Commission led by  Daniel Berkele and his brother-in-law Netsanet Belay, Director of Reaserch and Advicocy, working for Amnesty International accused that the Tigray Defense Forces of  the Tigray Government, committed the genocide, No doubt the two Amhara officers have also issues with what they erroneously call the TPLF and thus both  have an axe to grind.  His lie numbers four!

During his heyday, he visited Egypt and promised to cater the interest of Egypt regarding the follow of Nile, vowing “Welahi” that he would respect his words to President Abdel Fattah Al-Sisi, as he likewise promised Mr. Trump, the outgoing President of the USA. Notwithstanding his promises he renege his promises. Must are aware or heard of what Mr. Trump has to say in public when met the President of Sudan at the White House. Mr. Trump even went to the extent of suggesting that Egypt needs to bomb the Dum, if agreed terms were honored and respected by Abiy of Ethiopia. That is lie number six!

Forty hours before he declared war against Tigray in 3rd of November 2019, he invited the Sudanese general to Ethiopia and splashed a grand banquet, decorated the general with gold medal and traditional relics of war tools and dressing in the hope of bribing and deceiving the Sudanese. Soon after the war against Tigray was ignited, FANO militias attacked the Sudanese army patrolling the border, leading to the current tensions that we witnessed. That is lie and deception number seven!

When he visited Kenya and attended the IGAD meeting in Djibouti, albeit on separate dates, Bovarist and narcissism that he is, he boosted that by the time he touched down in the two places it began to rain, reminding attendees that he is a God sent saint king his mother had told him to be when he was a child! 

No body for sure knows if she indeed has told this prophecy; it is here say, his own words, but even if she did, one would say she was a crazy as he is: who would think having gone through what she did- a bar lady- to earn a meager living to make ends meet – would fantasize her child would be a king! It is just like buying a lottery ticket and feels for sure without any doubt, that he will win the prize!!!  That is lie and deception number eight!!

Finally, would you trust Abiy to be a gate keeper, let alone a Premiership of a country! Surly Ethiopia too is a crazy land to live in! And look what is happening – chaos and mayhem all over the place!!

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