Harken My Plight Prophet?


(Source: Y H, 03 January 2021) –

Al Negashi Mosque in Tigray before the bombardments

Are you alive or dead
Or are you asleep or awake
I beg you to raise your head
See what has happened
To the sanctuary, the world honour,
Where your daughter was reared;
Where Fatima roamed around
And care free, had promenaded
Fatima 1500 years back was safely raised
And where many of your relatives are buried;

Under the guardian of Negash
The king of Habeshe!
Negash the place
An agora, a safe heaven
Hijra driven
Is this how you repay his hands
Who inaugurated a space
Your followers Worship in peace
As their divine rights to practice
When you were a pariah
In your own birth place!

Prophet Mohammed
Have you gone nonchalant
Or your own belief abandoned
When the first worship seat
Sovereign approved
Is ransacked and looted!

By none other than those
Who carry your name
But fear no God nor shame!

Prophet Mohammed
Have you gone somnambulist
Or turned a racist
In the footsteps of the Emirate brigands
Who inherited your golden sword
So low, they have now sunken
And traded it in return
For a worldly greed,
Debauchery and feud,
Backed by black gold fluid;
That Nurture blissfully provided
To satiate their dissipated appetite!

Negash sound the alarm
Call the pilgrims
Open wide their arms
To witness uprooted palms
A destroyed dome,

What more do wait they could have done?
What would the world of Islam say
When such destructive evils hold sway?



Negash in Tigray, Ethiopia’s first Islamic settlement, was established in the 7th century AD by Muslim refugees who escaped persecution in Mecca.

Al Nejashi mosque in Wukro region of Tigray has been damaged in the ongoing fighting between Ethiopian government forces and Tigray defense forces in Tigray state of Ethiopia. Tigray supporters are accusing Ethiopian and Eritrean troops of intentionally damaging the mosque while Ethiopian government supporters put the blame on Tigray fighters. Al Nejashi mosque was built in 7th century AD and it is the oldest mosque in Africa. Ethiopian government claims that military operation in Tigray region of Ethiopia is over but fighting between Ethiopian government forces and Tigray fighters still goes on in Tigray.

Al Negashi Mosque in Tigray Damaged by Eritrean Army and Ethiopian National Defense Forces (ENDF) air and ground artillery bombardments

Click the link below to watch the English and Arabic facebook video stream about the history of Al Negashi Mosque in Tigray


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