Let’s Remember! Who Were the Aksumites?


(By Zarai Deres, 10 Januay 2020) –

When Aksum was an empire, and as that one of the fourth mighty power starting 80 BC to 825 AD, following Yeha and Damat, there were neither Amharas nor an Amhara region where they lived in as a society they claimed.

What we have been falsely fed as historical fact, that they have a history shared with the Aksumites which is faked; as proven by the style, motto, and the Aksumite kings called themselves:

I, Ezana, (as all the rest of kings) king of Aksum;
of Himyar,
of Radian,
of Saba,
of Salhen,
of Tsiyamo,
of Beja and Kush.

Kush was an ancient Nubia which was Northern Sudan and Southern Egypt.

History transpires that present day Tigrayans where keens of the people of the regions mentioned above with no blood or cultural ties with the Amharas they now falsely claim. Psychologically, historically and culturally the Sudanese are much close to the Tigrayans than the Amharas.
That is why ever since they emerged as people in the southwest of Proper Aksum they haven’t rest a single day to invade and control Tigray region to  their true nick name: ነፍጠኛ የሌላ ዘር ምንቀኛ በሰላም አርፎ የማይተኛ::

We need to divorces from these people and lead our lives in peace!


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