Shot Himself in The Neck!


(By T K, 10 January 2020) –

Shot Himself in The Neck!

Condemned as a criminal crook
Three ropes round my neck hooked;
One for being a black,
The other a member of an oppressed ethnic,
And the third a victim of a wrath from a pandemic.
Day time as I walk
At night as I lay on my back
I fear from the gallows which one would whack
And break my neck.

But surprise, surprise;
What I did not expect;
As I was worried from his eminent threat,
I got, albeit, a belated New year’s present:
Guess whom, from the USA President!
As always bovarists commit to take;
He shot himself in the neck,
Unable to walk nor to talk
Inciting the ruble rouser blokes!

Covid will soon be in retreat,
Leaving me only with the Amhara chauvinists;
To fight!
Cognizant of gravitas,
And involved dearly cost,
I will certainly crash the invaders to defeat!

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