Abiy Ahmed’s authoritarian rule and treachery is destroying Ethiopia

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(By Mekete Tigray UK, Editorial, 11 January 2020) –

Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed is not only has failed to live up to his early promises and Medemer philosophy, he has unleashed a wave of repression, killings of ethnic groups and locking up his political opponents and those he once freed. He is advancing a dangerous form of nationalism that is against the Ethiopian Constitution and the wishes of the many peace-loving Ethiopians. Abiy treachery, lies and antagonistic political order are destroying people’s livelihoods and costing many lives throughout Ethiopia (watch the video below to hear Abiy Ahmed lies to paliament and the nation saying “ENDF has not killed a single person in Tigray towns”).

Abiy and his PP elites have compromised Ethiopia’s sovereignty by allowing the Eritrean Army to invade Tigray state. The Eritrean Army, Amhara Militias and Ethiopian National Defense Forces (ENDF) are committing genocide, war crimes against humanity and gross human rights abuses including rape in Mekele, Adigrat, Aksum, Wukro, Adwa, Edagahamus, Hawzein and in other towns and cities of Tigray including in Oromia, Meketel, Welayta, Sidama, etc. In particular, Tigrayans were murdered by Eritrean troops who were sheltered in churches in Edagahamus, Wukro and Aksum (watch the video below about Letent general Tadesse Werede (ሌ/ጀነራል ታደሰ ወረደ says that threatening with war, Abiy collaboration with Isaias is illegal and killing your own people with foreign [Eritrean] army is very sad).

The massacre on the Orthodox Maryam Tsion Church in Aksum in which 750 people were killed took place half December. People hiding in the church were brought out and shot in the square in front. The Maryam Tsion Church is a sacred place which holds the Ark of Covenant. A witness with experience in war zones states he “has never seen such a degree of inhumanity.” 150 civilians were massacred in a single day while celebrating an annual holiday at Marim Dengelat St. merry church  near Edagahamus 20 kms away from Adigrat.

Abiy Ahmed ethnic profiling of the entire Tigrayan race in Addis Ababa and across Ethiopia is the most heinous crimes and human rights abuses ever committed by Ethiopian government in the history of Ethiopia.

Abiy’s government has shut down banks and froze the entire Tigrayans bank accounts in Tigray and all over Ethiopia; blackout all communication; cut off electricity and water, and blocked humanitarian Aid as means of warfare to starve the entire population in Tigray. Many innocent and defenceless Tigrayans, were/are being murdered and their properties burnt to the ground and looted and transported to Amhara region and Eritrea. Abiy is killing the people of Tigray and destroying their properties including historical and religious sites such as the churches of Amanuel, Abraha we Atsebeha and Al Negashi mosque.

On the other hand. The people of Benishangul-Gumuz are being massacred by the advocacy of Deputy Prime Minister and Foreign Affairs Minister Demeke Mekonnen to arm ethnic Amharas in Meketel with the blessing of Prime Minister Abiy. This is against the spirit of the constitutional political order and rule of law. Effectively, Abiy Ahmed and Demeke Mekonnen are using the ENDF, Federal Police, irregular Special Forces and Amhara militias to massacre and subdue the people of Oromo, Benishangul-Gumuz, Welayta, Sidama, Konso, etc.

The Amhara and Oromo people are peace-loving people but their political leaders (i.e. Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed, Deputy Prime Minister Demeke Mekonnen, Speaker of the House of People’s Representatives (HoPR) Tagesse Chafo, President of Oromia Shimelis Abdisa, Director of INSA Temesgen Tiruneh, Amhara Reginal State Police Chief commissioner Abere Adamu and PP elites) are destroying the unity and security of Ethiopia. Prime Minister Abiy and his PP elites have endangered the sovereignty of Ethiopia and allowed the Eritrean army to administer Zelambessa, Adigrat, Edagahamus, Irob, Sheraro, Rama in Tigray. The Ethiopian people must know that Ethiopia is disintegrating, and should rise to unseat the unelected Abiy’s administration and PP elites to restore the pride and unity of Ethiopia.

The people of Tigray and Oromo foresaw the shortcomings of Abiy’s administration which attempting to bring about the unitary system of government. The unitary system of government proved to be a system of repression against Tigray, Oromo, Sidama, Welayta, Afar, Somali, Gambella, Benishangul-Gumuz and other ethnic groups for about a century. Abiy Ahmed and Amhara expansionists are using every tool they can deploy to destroy and/or subjugate all ethnic groups as they are only interested in the lands and resources not the people. All ethnic groups must understand the motive of Abiy Ahmed and Amhara expansionists. Tigrayans are now at war against ENDF, Amhara expansionist Militias and Eritrean Forces to defend their Territories and freedom. Tigray is calling upon all ethnic groups, whatever the political difference, must come together in unison to defend their land and freedom from Amhara expansionism and supremacy.

To divert the public attention from the military defeats inflicted on ENDF that are carried out by Tigray Defense Forces (TDF) in central, western and southern Tigray, Abiy government has arrested several retired politicians, civil servants and military personnel and elderly veterans whom most of them are elderly and retired before Abiy assumed power in2018. The arrests of veteran and retired elderly Tigrayans is just to dramatise on TV and take revenge for not getting closer to the Tigray Regional State Government leadership. This is a national disgrace at its best. However, Aboy Sebhat Nega can be admired by his witty Tigraway laugh at his hostage takers with his beaming smile which says it all. There is no legal basis to arrest Aboy Sebhat Nega but he is held hostage by inept Abiy Ahmed who doesn’t have a clue about his oath to his country (watch the video below when and why Aboy Sebhat Nega was arrested).

Abiy’s administration ill thought political rhetoric, misinformation, populist propaganda, unitary ideology, lies and treachery is tearing Ethiopia. Abiy’s government is committed unimaginable atrocities and gross human rights abuses against ethnic groups that supposed to protect their civil liberties. Abiy’s credibility is non-existence to lead the 80 plus ethnic groups. Abiy’s political blunder has already claimed many innocent lives across Ethiopia. Abiy’s hatred of Tigrayans and incompetence has led to Ethiopia’s sovereignty to be breached and now Tigray is occupied by the Eritrean Army and the border crisis with Sudan. Abiy’s sheer ignorance and naivety to separate political party from people has shown his incapability to deal with the 80 plus ethnic groups’ political and economic complexity not to mention to his lack of diplomatic skills to resolve the border disputes peacefully with Sudan.

Nonetheless, Isaias Afewerki is completely in control of Abiy’s government with no way out but to fulfil Isaias’s grand ambition which is to destroy Ethiopia (watch the video below about Isaias Afeworki’s plan against Ethiopia).

The Amhara elites, who are the accomplices of Abiy Ahmed and Isaias Afewerki, are busy celebrating of the illegally grabbed Western Tigray Territories of Tsegede, Welkait and Kofta Humera. The Amhara Regional State Special Forces and FANO Militias haven’t even had the gut to defend their borders with Sudan which they seem to follow their idol Emperor Menelik II which he handed over Eritrea to Italy After the victory of Adwa in 1896. History of Amhara elites’ treachery is repeating again under Abiy’s administration (watch the video below which shows Amhara ultra-nationalists celebration on Tekeze bridge, glorifying Amhara occupation of Welkait, Tsegede and Kofta Humera and praising Eritrea/Amhara border).

Abiy Ahmed has allowed Eritrean security forces to kill civilians, destroy and loot public and private properties in Tigray. Abiy has committed treason against his country and Ethiopians must wake up to see what is doing which put the security and sovereignty of Ethiopia in danger. Ethiopia is not sovereign country as from the 4th November 2020 anymore. Isaias Afeworki is at the centre of Abiy administration making decisions on Ethiopia affairs with his backer UAE. Abiy Ahmed is just there to follow Isaias’s grand plan which is to fragment and destroy Ethiopia so that he and UAE will exploit Ethiopia’s wealth without any hindrance.

Eritrean Hub reported on 10 Jauanary 2021 that “Sources in Addis Ababa report that Eritrean special forces are operating in and around the city. Two groups – each as many as 100 strong – are reported to be in the capital. A third – smaller group – is said to be providing some close protection for PM Abiy. The role of the two forces is said to be to monitor and act against the substantial Eritrean refugee presence in the capital. They are close to the military airport, allowing swift and easy transport back to Eritrea for those who are captured, or else to the Tigrayan frontline.”

Sources in western and eastern Tigray have also confirmed that “Isaias Afewerki has also consolidated his military presence in the Northern border area of  Tekeze, Northern Shire up to Adigrat.”

Abiy has lost a rational discourse and betrayed his oath to uphold the security and sovereignty of Ethiopia. He is destroying the economic achievements of the las 27 years in the blink of an eye as his main handler Isaias instructed him to do so. It was shocking and disheartening to hear Abiy’s utter lies and after lies. His deceitfulness is getting worse in order to be seen that he is smart and in control. In reality, he is incapable of leading and comprehending the county’s political, economic and social issues. He has put the country into irreconcilable political and economic mess. Ethiopian territories are occupied by foreign powers.

Abiy is an oppressive and authoritarian regime that is led by Isaias Afewerki and surrounded by incompetent ministers and advisers who no interest in Ethiopia’s sovereignty. Abiy’s end game is to bring down everyone with him. Ethiopians must save their country and elect a leader who can defend the security and sovereignty of Ethiopia, and work for their social and economic prosperity.


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