Do not be a blind or disabled, Abiy will kill in the name of Law and Order!

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(By T Kebede, 14 January 2021) –

It is a war situation and most people are compelled to express their dismay in whatever means. Events move fast and time is not on our side to perfect and polish our thoughts, if we do we lose the moment. Likewise most of us, certainly I am not, a journalist, I have not got the skill required. Furthermore, we do not have the resources a journalist would have and use to address viewpoints. That said, readers have to bear this in mind and tolerate some ungainly shortcomings in reading hastily written articles. 

Now to the main points, we, the victims of war should not expect the UN, OAU, foreign governments and some humanitarian organizations to directly militarily intervene and save us from the hell we are faced with. That may not happen if we wait for it to fall from the sky. We need to relay on our resources and determination to fight and win; for our cause to exist in peace is just one. The world led by corrupt personalities is ugly. Otherwise one would not hear the head of OAU declaring the war conducted by the unelected government of Ethiopia is a just cause to maintain law and order at the expense of innocent Tigrayans killed now for 70 days straight none stopped. This person from Chad does not know what he is talking about. Chad was still is as ravaged  as Tigray is in the hands of Abiy Ahmed. But he does not care a bit as long as he fills his pocket with dirty money passed on to him by another corrupt of his kind. He is unable to support and walk straight carrying bloated stomach and buttock watered and greased by stolen money; he is addicted to getting it by all means! When and where is a war justified to maintain law and order? Where and when was war justified as a means to settle election disputes? War in whatever shape and form can never be justified. A country may be compelled to go war but that the country cannot hoot and trumpet that it is so pleased to go war!

Others, the likes of the UN are also run by similar buffoons who would give blind eyes to the plight of their own subjects let alone black Tigrayans; they feel we shouldn’t exist to clear for more space for them.

What we must do and hope is for us to expose by whatever means available their ineptitude, thus, stop them providing finance, other resources and weapons that are used to kill us in masses. So a job there is for us to do short of the wishful thinking, that they would militarily or otherwise intervene to spare us from the war. That would have been nice, but it is a pie in the sky. We can do better and we will do better without the pie in the sky!

Abiy Ahmed through the media outlets announced that he has killed among others Mr Asmelash, a veteran, who lost his sights fighting the Derg. Ahemd must be so low and despicable to announce the killing of a blind person who lost his sights to liberate not only Tigrians but also other Ethiopians from the grips of a military dictator, whose army were not only killing but also raping young and old Amhara women in their droves. At the time of the struggle, the TPLF fighters and leaders bore the brunt of the war. Not a single Amhara leaders as a member of the RPRDF lost his life in the struggle, nor carry damaging wounds by the time they entered the Capital. If any, personally I know none but there could be a few. I am not saying a few is irrelevant; one is too many but I just want to highlight a point. It seems mostly they were shielded from the wraith of the war. Which is good, I am not envious either.

And now a blind person who has not committed a crime was hunted and killed by a drone or a plane and killed, when he was not in a battle field armed to fight. What kind of a war is this; killing civilians not only a blind is target but other civilians as well?

What is in the mind of the Amhara elites and their people? You feel happy and satisfied by putting in prisons people who liberate them 30 years back; whilst at the same time they release members of Derg military men and licking their lips to rehabilitate and relocate Mengustue Hailemariam from Zimbabwe if we go by the interview an Amhara who claimed a journalist (watch video for details) Conducted with his Mengistu’s daughter from the USA. As if Amhara youths were not massacred  at the hands of the Derg, and it is not good enough for his daughter to walk alive safely on this Earth, and indeed be educated as doctor; a chance many did not have had because of the brutal actions of her father. The irony at Meskel Square where hundreds of thousands gathered, Mengistu threw a bottle filled with would be blood to spill, declaring and shouting “Down with Imperialism: Down with Imperialists”. 

Here we have two of his daughters and a son residing in the USA, all turned medical doctors, while some Amhara sons and daughters are languishing in their graves, never mind the Tigrains the Amharas love them dead; and this Amhara would be journalist have the audacity to interview and entertain the idea of his daughter that her father must come home to age?

It is not only Mengistu who Condemned Imperialism and shipped his son and  daughters to enjoy life as it evil aged, Abiy Ahmed and other PP members have secured their wives and daughter a safe haven, with USA citizenship statues while they play blood with other people sons and daughters! The Amhara elites are shameless and cowards!! By the way this is not the only interview she had been invited to give, there were many adopting her father’s political views.

There is also another problem of concern: Eritreans! It appears mushrooms have taken hold and is replacing some Eritreans brain cells!

People the likes of Asmerom, professor Amaneaul, the present day Asfeha and Tesla Bayru’s keep serving their old masters. Sebhat Nega and Meles Zenawi have Eritrean blood in their cells. Isaias is less if anything. From the word go they fought and defended the Eritrean Cause and rightly so, not only at the time of the struggling but also in the offices of the Ethiopian government, not because of their blood linage but because they believed in it as I do, make no mistake!

At the time of the Bademe war when the Eritrean army was defeated, they stopped short the army from taking the capital city and with it taken; the fate of Isaias would have been sealed. They did this for two reasons: one, to prevent the desire and wishes of the Amharas elites contemplating the taking back Eritrea as we now know it, short of that reclaiming Assab was inevitable. And the second, they were weary that the Eritrean themselves would turn against each other on religious, ethnic and other fault lines, which till today that is manifesting, and appearing as an obstacle to take effective action against the moguls who is causing havoc and mayhem to their people. The TPLF did not want to be blamed whatever problems Eritrea would have to face, after Isaias removed by foreign forces. It would be up to the Eritreans to decide their destiny! That was the thinking and still is by the Tigrayans. 

It is so sad Sebhat Nega has to drug out from Eritrean dungeon, limping with a help of a stick. He fought pure and simple for Eritrean causes, with no material and power hangovers, and Isaias had to put him in the dungeon he had created as a punishment and revenge. He kept him in the prison, see image below, till a day came when it was needed, where he had to be paraded in Addis Ababa to destruct attentions of the public in euphoria before they were told Ethiopia lost a great general commanding one out of the four military force unit.

Tomorrow we will see more drama that is announce lost and killed as a substitute for the news of Seyoum Mesfin and Asmelash’s death!

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