Ethiopian Brigadier-General justifies Tigrayans’ ethnic profiling in the military and taking measures on refugee camps in Sudan


(By Mekete Tigray UK, 14 January 2021) –

This video recording, with subtitles, above explains what the Ethiopian military has done to ethnically cleansed Tigrayans from the military service.

There has been rigorous and systematic “ethnic cleansing” of Tigrayans origin form the Ethiopian National Federal Forces (ENDF). Tigrayans have been purged – despite many Tigrayans being professionals who have spent their careers defending Ethiopia, at home and in peacekeeping forces in Somalia, Liberia,  South Sudan and Darfur, western Sudan.

Brigadier-General Tesfaye Ayalew, Head of the ENDF Deployment Department states that “They had plans to dismantle the country. To avert their plans, we had to clean out our insides [forces]. So, we cleansed out our insides [forces] and we entered the war. For this reason, the excluded forces [Tigrayans] had no kind of participation in the war. Other Ethnicities, Southern Tribes, Somali, Afar, Amhara and Oromo became one and took part. Even if there may be good people amongst them [Tigrayans] we can’t differentiate the good from the bad. To save the country we made it so that they [Tigrayans] were excluded from doing the work. So, the forces we have now are free from Tribal [Tigrayan] forces and the forces [Ethiopian Army] are completely Ethiopian. It’s Ethiopian military.”

Brigadier-General Tesfaye Ayalew states on the video recording, with subtitles, above that “while the war was happening in front, we were attacking them behind using drones. Who is dead and who is alive …? They are sheltered as refuges. We will keep on bringing them back and we will work on it. We will also get inside and take measures. And, related to this some signs we won’t send again we will go through them later. It is just that we want to finish the Northern part first, but they will get their sentence they deserve. Even now there are some …”.

It is shocking to hear that the Ethiopian military has planned to take and commit heinous war crimes using drones against Tigrayans who fled the war and sheltered in the refugee camps in Sudan. The Ethiopian government and high ranking ENDF Generals seem to be out of control to disregard the International Law, Geneva convention and the human rights of refugees who are sheltering in Sudan.


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  1. ye ethiopia serawit new ==== amhara ===biltsigna

    UNHCR is feeding spies from eritrea who tireslessly accomplish the mission given by Isayas. we need 2 expel them from Tigray. Tell to UN to set up a camp in Amhara region to let them live with their accomplice.

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