Sudanese Ambassador in Ethiopia is reportedly to be withdrawn from Addis Ababa

Ethiopia Sudan

(by Mekete Tigray UK, 14 january 2021) –

The border tension between Sudan and Ethiopia is escalating further of diplomatic fall out. It is reported that Sudan may withdraws its Ambassador in Ethiopia.

On another twist, the Ethiopian Ambassador in the UAE, Suleiman Dedefo has traded inflammatory twitter exchanges with the Egyptian Ambassador to Abu Dabi regarding to Ethiopian threats to Sudan. Ambassador Suleiman Dadefo seems to insinuate that Egypt is encouraging “Sudan to come up with news claims of additional Sovereign territories of Ethiopia, namely, Metema and Beninshangul State.”  Ambassador Suleiman carry on saying that “the consequence of such recklessness will be very heavy.”

In response, The Egyptian Ambassador in Abu Dabi, Sherif El Bidewy states that “I really hope you do not blame others for any bilateral tension your facing. Egypt does not interfere in other countries internal affairs; Sudan is a sovereign state and has the rights to defend its interests.”  

Meanwhile, Head of the Sudanese Sovereignty Council, Abdel Fattah Al-Burhan has met families of the victims of Al-Layyah village to pay his condolences and listened to one Sudanese man who was very emotion when talking about the precious Sudanese borderland.

In his statements on Wednesday, Al-Burhan said: “The Sudanese state, with all its components, including the armed forces and the security forces, alongside the Sovereignty Council, the Council of Ministers, and the Forces of the Declaration of Freedom and Change, stood together against this conspiracy, plotted against the revolution of the Sudanese people.”

Sudan is reported closing its airspace in Gadarif state.



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