The Road Not Taken! Republic of Tigray!


(By Y Huluf, 14 January 2021) –

The Road Not Taken! Republic of Tigray!

I am no somnambulist
In fact the opposite;
But there are times,
What I purport,
Is difficult to support?

And I keep posing
Many questions;
To no other than myself
And I have to say
I hate the thoughts
I often come up with
To confront!

Why this age?
Why in a nation that is ravaged,
Into a race others for no divine reasons,
but as a matter of fact so obvious,
Despised as savages?

I reluctantly tend to coadjute;
Knowing the actors on the stage;
Evils that they are
Holding other nations as hostages;
With cacoethes stownlins urge,
To Claiming stolen heritages;
Suffocating my family that I raised;
With meager wages that I earn,
For a mules day work;
Doused with sweat and dirt greased!
Only to satisfy the Amhara elites’ greed!

Tigray a battleground;
Not once, not twice round;
Keep on the count
Be it Before (BC) And After Christ!
The price: blood split abound;
Bones crash and grinded;
Of enemies and your own, no doubt!
Those who ventured not be heard,
Uttering the last sound.
No other place on Earth
Has ever repeatedly faced
Aimed at Tigray turned waste!

Oh! Why did I lack the phronesis?
To see with my own eyes;
That there are two demon Askaris I am dealing with?

Nonetheless, however dismayed that I am; I learnt my mistakes;
That I now know who I could have become;
The right road had I taken.

But mischance that I am fated
From where I stood
The road branched out
Onto muti-pronged routes.
Some were long,
Others wide
The rest smooth and squiggly in form.

But I chose the one close to home.
It offered turf ground
And in the past it had been trodden,
By people related to this person.
Thus it felt safe to walk on.
But the road was a mirage;
From this seemingly alert mind, deceptively camouflaged.
And as I trudged along
Sooner than I had thought
The road came to an end;
And made a gyratory turn
And brought me back full bend,
To where I began.
Just to face the trouble once again!!

The trouble living with Amharas,
And a neighbour convoluted Isayas; serpents;
Hell bent;
Has neither beginning nor end;
I have to cut off their heads,
My peaceful existence to fend!!




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