I say; no more to worry with the white cane to trace your way!


(By T Kebede, 17 Jaunary 2021) –

RIP: Seyoum Mesfin, Asmelash Weldeselassie and Abay Tsehay,

Former FM Seyoum Mesfin Killed After Refusing to Surrender ...

I say; no more to worry with the white cane to trace your way!

Got blinded at an early age;
Fighting against a brute savage;
Oppressed people to salvage!
Sightless being hard enough,
In a bated breath;
Hoping every step the foot assess
As a safe turf to place
Total darkness dressed;
Days on end, until the curtain of life comes to close;
An awful task to envisage
One had to live with!

As this burden imposed upon
one has to carry perchance
Is not a challenge;
Hard enough to manage;
He moved on with courage
To earning an academic privilege
To serve others rather than being a hostage!

It is an outrage
He has now being executed at a close range
For his belief, albeit, even at the opposite edge
To that of the brutal, envious Amhara savages!
But that did not satiate
Their thirst for blood wrench,
To settle a revenge,
Against a man so competent,
Which they hopelessly are not
They went on a rampage
To have his bullet ridden
body displayed
For their foot-soldier to frolic & ululate;
Seeing their victim bieng dead.l!

One and only one thing
Cowards for sure love best
Brave W/men of intellect;
Of Tigray heritage,
Those whom they fear most;
Being killed with poisonous stings;
when they least expected!

Evils manlike, walking bipeds
With convoluted cadaverous
Who do not think ahead
To silence a brilliant mindset
That lived to fight
Against the plights
Of oppressed helots
Who are denied their lawful rights
Day and nights!

Cowards kill for the comfort
To settle opinion disputes
As the only way out
Until no one is left
To ignite a debate.
As well as make others cringe
And abandon their beliefs in doubt
Out of fear and ensuing carnage!
That was the fate Ras Mengesha the 1st;
Telahin Gezaw,Berhane Meskel,
Meles Tekele;
Geday, Rezene and hundreds
Of patriots from Mekelle ካርቸሌ
Executed under a Wedya Bridge
Saire and Gezai, Seyum & Abay
Of late!!

Is this where you want
To live and rest;-
A barrel of a gun
pointed at your chest?
I would rather not!


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