A word or two for the devils!


(By Y Huluf, 18 January 2021) –

A word or two for the devils!

Those who live by the sword
Will die by the sword,
When a loose fellow, ribald,
Has become a Lord!
I am pretty sure you are bored
As you have heard these words!
But be warned!!

He brushed off as a commoner,
A highly respected engineer
The biggest construction seen ever!

He misled hate-driven Asamenew,
To assassinate Ambachew;
Only to roast him in an infernos’ glow,
In the same manner
He instructed him to follow!

He wept in public,
As he saw off the bodies
Of two generals executed,
That himself plotted to commit,
Inside their safe habitat!

He could not hide his smile
And satisfaction,
When he saw Tigray under locust invasion,
Only soon after he ordered his garrison,
To finish off and crops burn and lives blown,
What remained at best;
locust gone, what was left!

But you may say,
These are measures nigh,
Cruel though they may,
Throes against foes,
But what would soon follow;
Is your turn hanged on the gallows,
And no one would shed a teardrop in sorrow!!

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